How to Download Truth Social app

Are you also excited to know the answer to How to download  Truth Social app?  Why be not as the Truth launching is big news these days. Truth Social app(Donal Trump Social media app) can be a great alternative to social media giants like Twitter.

What is the Truth Social app?

Donald Trump (The former President of the U.S.A) on Wednesday stated that the Trump Media and Technology Group(TMTG) is going to launch a new social media app very soon that is known as Truth Social App(Follow the Truth). Now You can download truth social app from appstore.

As we all know, Trump was banned from almost every social media app because of launching his own social media platform Gettr but again now he has decided to launch a new social media platform TRUTH with an aim of Following the Truth.

Donald Trump in his own voice: “I am excited to send out my first TRUTH on TRUTH Social very soon. TMTG was founded with a mission to give a voice to all,”.

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HIGHLIGHT- Former president of U.S.A Donald Trump’s social media app is now available for download. It is going to be the one of most downloaded social media apps on the Apple Store.

The Truth social app was available on the App Store shortly after it was officially blazoned. The app was the top free app available on social media on Monday. The app was automatically available to the druggies who had ordered the app before it was rolled out. Still, the lift wasn’t smooth for the app. It was marred with specialized glitches with druggies unfit to register their accounts. Numerous druggies were added to a waitlist with a communication”Due to massive demand, we’ve placed you on our waitlist.”

Donald’s statement undoubtedly clears the agenda of launching the Truth social app. Now if you want to download the Truth social app, it’s gonna be very easy if you follow our instructions given below:

Download Truth social app

 Download Truth social app on App Store:

As we heard the news about the launching of the Truth social very soon it’s good to pre-register for it. Actually, this app is not out for direct download until now, if you want to download and use it so you have to first register for it, and then when it will be launched you will be notified to download it by TMTG.

In the below section, we gonna tell you How to Sign Up for Truth social app or How to register For Trump social media app?

How to register for Truth social:

Step 1: Go to

Step  2: Click on Pre-order on the App Store.

Step 3: Register yourself for free.

Step 4: Wait! until you will be notified to download the app.


Download Truth social app on android

If you want to download the truth social media app on your android device, sorry but for now you are not allowed to download or even pre-register for the truth social app. Truth social has only been outed for apple users for now, but it might be possible that in near future, you will access downloading and using the truth social app.

But don’t worry here are the steps to download the truth social for free:

Step 1: Go to Google play store.

Step 2: Search for truth social.

Step 3: Click on the install button.

Step 4: Wait until the app is being installed.

Step 5: Open the app, create your account and use it freely.

Who’s funding the Truth Social media app?

  • Finally, Truth social media app got the Funding approval and hopefully, funding will start in 2022.
  • Donald Trump’s new media venture has announced that they have the support of getting $1 billion in by institutional investors.

According to the deal, the estimated funding is about $1.25 billion to TRUTH Social, according to a press release.

Trump’s commented about the moto of launching Truth’s social app ” He is in a stronger position to fight back against the tyranny of Big Tech.

Features of Truth Social app || Features of Trump Social media app:

Profile- When you download the Truth social app. The very first thing is to do “Create your profile”. You can create your profile by adding a profile photo, background image, bio, etc. Start to post and find friends, if you want to connect with one so you have to just send him/her a request to let you in.

Search- Search feature is the soul of every social media app and fortunately, trump social media app is also having search features. Now you can find your friends by just typing their names in the search bar. If you want to invite anyone so you can send him/her an invitation to join Truth social app.

Notifications- Stay updated with who is following you and who is reacting to your posts, truths, activities on the truth social app. Whenever a person sends you a request or accepts your request instantly a notification comes to you.

Truth Feed- Let get engaged with your likes mean whatever you like to post, see, comment, and follow these things will start to show you by this app in your recommendations. The truth feed includes all the posts you follow.

By seeing the amazing features, we can say it is good to download Truth social app. We recommend you try and download truth social app once.


After Gettr( Clone of Twitter ) Donald Trump is planning to start a new social app called Truth Social. Using Gettr you can post text, images, video, and much more. Of course, the performance is not that much good as Twitter but yeah, it’s also ok.

According to Trump’s statement, the estimate came out that on Truth, people can share their first truth like tweets on Twitter, Koos on KOO, etc. Truth Social app is also can be a great alternative to Twitter, Koo, Gettr, etc. But that will cent percent only be clear after the launch of this social media platform.

Trump and his organization have been moving towards the arrival of his own foundation, which he alluded to recently. In the past, he had an enormous presence on Twitter, where he dispatched assaults against pundits and broke news about his organization. Since his nonattendance from the significant online media locales, Trump has sent a consistent stream of official statements with tweet-like articulations to the media and allies. ‘

At the end of the day, we would like to say that you people should try this social app at least once.

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