Spotify Wrapped 2022: Find Your Spotify Wrapped in Mobile

Spotify Wrapped 2022: Find Your Spotify Wrapped in Mobile

And the most awaited Spotify Wrapped 2022 is here. The 2022 edition of Spotify Wrapped, the music streaming service’s annual summary of all the music you listened to during the previous year, is now out. Starting today, Spotify will let users know about their favorite musicians, songs, and genres through a personalized in-app user experience.
A look at the best musicians from India and around the world from the year is included in Spotify Wrapped 2022 in addition to the shareable story cards that users may share on social media to display their individual musical preferences.

Spotify Wrapped 2022 Features

There are multiple new features available in wrapped Spotify. This year, Spotify Wrapped 2022 will also feature personalized notes from over 40,000 artists, ranging from international stars like Taylor Swift and Billie Eilish to Indian singers like Shreya Ghoshal and KR$NA. These messages will be played back to top fans. In addition to WhatsApp and Instagram, Spotify Wrapped 2022 cards can now also be shared there. Snapchat users may also get a new customized lens that captures their musical preferences. Wrapped-themed clothing for Bitmoji users and Wrapped-themed GIFs across compatible GIF partners are additional enhancements. Additionally, 16 different listening personalities have been developed by Spotify. Along with their Wrapped 2022 music summary, users will also be able to see which of these personas they fit into.

Find Spotify Wrapped 2022 in your Devices

On the home page of the Spotify iOS and Android mobile apps, you may access your Spotify Wrapped experience. You can view playlists with some of your favorite musicians and songs from the year or access your personal story. On a laptop or desktop computer running Spotify, you can also listen to those playlists.

What does your Spotify Wrap look like? On November 30, 2022, Spotify Wrapped 2022 became operational. For more information on how to view your Spotify Wrapped 2022, continue reading.

Access Spotify by signing in on an iOS or Android device.
On your home page, click the Spotify Wrapped 2022 banner. Your name should appear on the banner after the phrase “Your 2022 Wrapped is ready.” Explore the podcasts and songs you enjoyed most this year.
Enjoy the Spotify Wrapped 2022 playlists and statistics bundle!

Spotify wrapped 2022 is not showing

Although everyone with an account can access Spotify Wrapped, sometimes it can be difficult to locate. But don’t worry Go to The 2022 Spotify Wrapped is only available on the Spotify mobile app, just like the previous year. As a result, if you visit as usual, a prompt to download the app will appear.

Your personalized look back at 2022 should appear immediately after you log in on mobile, with the statement “Your 2022 Wrapped is here” underneath your six most recent listens.

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