Top 5 best apps to learn forex trading

As an investor, you always look to invest money somewhere to earn more. In this digital world or globalization world, people are earning a lot from forex trading. There are various apps that help you learn the basics of Forex trading. So if you are in one of them who just to get started with forex trading, we are going to provide a list of the best apps to learn forex trading apps. If you are new to forex and want to start with stock, there there is one article for you, earlier posted here about the best apps to learn stock market.

But before going to the best forex trading learning apps we should tell you about what exactly forex trading is.

What is Forex Trading?

Forex trading is nothing but the conversion of one currency into another currency. It is also known as FX trading or Foreign Exchange.

It can be stated as a network of come buyers and sellers of various currencies, where they transfer currency among others with some reasonable price.

While a ton of unfamiliar trade is accomplished for down-to-earth purposes, by far most of the money change is embraced fully intent on getting a benefit. The measure of money changed over consistently can make value developments of certain monetary forms very unpredictable. This instability can make forex so alluring to brokers: achieving a more prominent possibility of high benefits, while likewise expanding the danger. So if you are going to make your career in forex trading then you should get a basic overview of how forex trading works so a checklist of the best forex trading learning apps.

Forex Trading Learning Apps


1. Best apps to learn forex trading- InstaForex:-

Best apps to learn forex trading

If you ever want to start with learning forex trading, I will always recommend to fo with Instaforex. This app has allowed you to learn forex trading in a very structured manner with 5 sections initially. The main 5 sections of the apps are Introduction to Forex with Technical analysis, Fundamental analysis, Trading psychology, and Capital and risk management. This app not only believes in giving knowledge but also evaluates what you learn, so they have test exercises for each topic. To give the exact feel of an actual trading platform, Instaforex will also cover Mata Trader4(MT4) which is an electronic trading platform. This platform is also banned in various countries like India but still, people use it. Here is why InstaForex is one of the best forex trading learning apps.

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2. Best apps to learn forex trading- Forex School:-

Best apps to learn forex trading

Forex School comes at the 2nd of the list of best currency trading learning apps. It is almost similar to the first one. As the name suggests, forex schools will let you learn forex trading in a very easy, intuitive, and joyful way. The course is designed by experts of forex trading who have very much experience in currency trading. Their main vision is to make your foundation strong, learn as much as possible then evaluate with real-world forex trading. Topics covers by this app are the basics of forex trading, the study of charts, flowcharts, tips of experts like Warren Buffet, etc much more.

Click here to download the Android and iOS versions.

3. Best apps to learn forex trading- Forex Trading for Beginners:-

Best apps to learn forex trading

This app is offered by Goforex24. If you are a beginner and don’t want to read much text or like to learn while playing some game. Then this app is just for you to get started with forex trading learning. It allows you to learn forex trading in various ways like graphical, text, games, etc. It allows you to play or do forex trading in real-time. This app offers you tips and hacks about forex social trading like when to trade or how to trade. I can say it is one of the best beginner-friendly apps to learn forex trading. It covers topics like the basics of forex trading, tips for novices in Fx social trading, strategies, quizzes to check your knowledge, etc. If you also looking for the best broker for forex trading or currency trading then it also provides you a top 10 broker guide includes Plus500, Etoro, etc.

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4. Best apps to learn forex trading- Learn Forex Trading Tutorials:-

Best apps to learn forex trading

As you know the time in Forex trading is really matters a lot. This app focuses on how one can take the advantage of currency movements in the day. It has very great content to let you learn forex trading. It has a special section for Day trading beginners to advance. This app covers a lot of things like currencies, Bulls & Bears, charts, management of trading using calendar events, financial markets(like NYSE, LSE), futures exchanges, etc. Not only forex trading but also this app allows you to learn about bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

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5. Best apps to learn forex trading- Learn Forex Trading Basics:-

Best apps to learn forex trading

It is another amazing best apps to learn currency trading. Here you can encounter a bite-sized lesson on forex trading basics. This is the whole guide to invest in forex trading for beginners. There is no experience needed to learn from this app. Just spend 2 or 4 hours to grasp the basics of forex trading. The topic covered in this app is the way to trade, commodities, pairs, currency cross rates, USD, EUR, GBP, 12 forex rules, emerging forex opportunities.

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