Top 7 Best Problem Solving Apps

In this article, we will see some of the best problem solving apps which help to improve problem-solving skills or analytical skills.

Best Problem Solving Apps

In this fast pace world, from school to office work everywhere people are looking to hire or prefer those who have great problem-solving skills. Problem-solving skill is not a day skill it needs to improve day by day in the long run. To succeed in life, no matter what field you are pursuing but this problem-solving skill is highly helpful for you.

Best Problem Solving Apps


1. Happify:-

Happify is one of best apps to improve problem solving skills. They are basically work on human emotional health and enhance their effectiveness by theier predesgined games and activities. Those activities, and games, can reduce negative thinking or enhance positive vibes in one’s mind. They stated that their activities have been experimented with and result-based techniques are checked by high-quality experts and scientists. This app can deal with mood disorders, insomnia, severe pain, depression, and anxiety.

2. Neuronation:-

Improving problem skills is nothing but training your brain by doing some brain exercises. This app has more than 30 targeted exercise to train you brain with games, activities etc. This app is originally from Germany but supported more than 8 languages. It has 10 million plus downloads on the play store. This is one of the best brain training apps. They included mind and body boosters (mini exercises) to train the brain during the middle of the day.

3. The New York Times crossword:- 

This is a crossword app that is published daily crossword puzzles in the New york times newspaper. These puzzles are created by various freelancers. And the level of crossword increased as then weekdays are going from Monday to Saturday. However, this website has more games also like crossbee, wordle, Letterboxed, tiles, vertex, and sudoku. This is also one of the best apps to improve problem solving skills.

4. Peak:- 

Peak is another one of the best brain training apps, free cerebrum preparing exercises planned around you. Peakpurposes cerebrum games and riddles to challenge memory, language and decisive reasoning to keep your psyche dynamic. To get everything rolling on the Pinnacle mind game application, you will be expected to lay out objectives on regions you need to improve, such as mental handling, profound strength, semantic abilities, memory, fixation levels, and issue solving. Peak has aslo partnered with globally renowned universities like Cambridge, NYU etc. It has more than 10 million downloads.

5. Elevate:-

Elevate is another one of the best problem solving apps. It is rival to Peak. It is used to improve focus, processing time, speaking skills, and much more. They have 40+ brain exercises or games or activities to improve emotional intelligence, earning power, earning self-confidence, etc. One can even track performance and measure improvement. It is supported and collaborated by experts and scientists. One of the great achievements of this app, Elevate is selected as the best app of the year by Apple in the United States. It was launched in 2014, and back then they have given its services to more than 50 million people on earth.

6. Lumosity:-

The veteran of the bundle, and the help that set large numbers of the elements that are currently recognizable from its adversaries. Here, a choice of smaller than normal games are blended and matched into a day-to-day program, with the compulsory detail following to show your improvement over the long run. Lumosity is one of the best problem solving apps that assists you with working on your psychological abilities. Customized exercises assist individuals with working on their memory, adaptability, the pace of handling data, and focus levels. In this way, Lumosity is an extraordinary instrument to assist you with creating critical thinking capacities.


7. Cognito:-

It is another great brain training app. It has various logic puzzles, word games memory games which are designed by scientists and experts to improve human intelligence. There is one dashboard available that has all the metrics related to performance.

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