Kevin Samuels Dead or Alive: Kevin Samuels Wiki, Net Worth, News

For the last few hours, there is a name trending in the USA right now ie. Kevin Samuels. And the viral reason is like Kevin Samuels Dead or Alive in this way. But is it right or not…?

Kevin Samuels Dead or Alive

As for now, It is not confirmed whether Kevin Samuels is dead or not even it looks like a Twitter rumor only. Fans are going crazy on Twitter itself. They are seeking that somehow Kevin Samuels come live or some way to confirm he is okay.

Who is Kevin Samuels?

According to his Instagram, Kevin is a picture specialist and makes recordings with respect to something similar. A large portion of his substance via online entertainment spins around the work he does.

He has more than 1 million followers on Instagram, 80k on TikTok, 1.4 million on YouTube, and 277k on Facebook. He is a very famous influencer on social media. On his youtube, He referred to himself as a “Lifestyle Consultant”.

Kevin Samuels Net Worth

He posted various motivational videos on Youtube itself. This is the main source of income along with social media and his company. As per the reports He earned nearly 5k dollars monthly from Youtube and for the offline client, he charged 10k dollars from a single client.

Kevin Samuels Death Rumors


At this point, no authority affirmation with respect to Kevin’s passing has been reported. The news initially broke on Twitter with fans sharing his sympathies.

Simultaneously, an online entertainment page that goes by the name “gossiointhecitytea” shared a screen capture of a message that indicated Kevin was dead.

The message read: “CLR ADV She doesn’t know the apartment number but to ask for Kevin Samuels at the front desk CLR ADV there is an unresponsive male at the loc (breathing but not alert or conscious).

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