Top 7 best Twitter Apps


  • Twitter is a worldwide popular social media network. There are some third-party Twitter apps that allow users what Twitter doesn’t allow.
  • This article will introduce some of the best Twitter apps or we can say best Twitter third-party apps.

As we all know that Twitter is a social media platform open to everyone and Twitter is a member of the prestigious “top 2” along with metaverse Facebook. Currently, there are over 127 Million users who have an active account on Twitter. But the count is not stable it can vary from time to time.

One of the interesting facts about Twitter is it is highly usable for the latest news. You might have noticed that your favorite superstar or leader use to tweet on Twitter very first for telling their followers/fans about what is going on in the hood, right?

Twitter is well-popular for the latest news and trends, anyone can be viral through his/her tweets, of course, this is not that possible, you must have to use some trending hashtags and a well-explanation of your tweet.

Bad point is that Twitter gets controversial from time to time. However, there’s no other social media platform that shows you things in chronological order so you can see the latest stuff happening now.

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So, If you’re looking for a great Twitter experience, here are some best Twitter apps that will help you to play with your tweet to be reached at the top.

Best Twitter Apps

Twitter has an active presence of different types of users including politicians, celebrities, singers, authors, writers, artists, etc. Twitter is highly recommended when it comes to reaching the latest news ASAP.

Let’s see what are the different best Twitter third-party apps that make your experience better on twitter.

1. Fenix 2 for Twitter

We put Fenix 2 on the top of our list of best Twitter apps because of its reviews and feedback from users. If you ever used Fenix original means the prior version of Fenix then it is super easy to conclude that Fenix 2 adds more refinement for a better experience along with other stuff compared to the prior one.

This is why Google Play Store had deprecated the first version of Fenix. Fenix 2 supports multiple accounts of a single user, a mute system, aN awesome design, and much more. Users also can customize the main screen using the customization options. It works really well although it’s a little newer than most of the more mature Twitter apps.

Fenix 2 is not free. However, it is easily affordable. Its price is $4.99

2. Talon For Twitter

Talon has again required a premium version to use, but good thing is that it is lesser than Fenix 2 in terms of pricing. Talon’s Material Design is likely Google’s material design and its use to provide the information with much clearance by using the format of the cards, which looks pretty, tidy, and attractive. There are some sorts of theme options. Use filters to choose from your favorite color in layouts.

Moreover, It supports a plethora of amazing features like a DND (DO NOT DISTURB) mode, Android Wear OS support, dual accounts a home-screen widget, an enhanced article reader mode, and a built-in photo editor and YouTube player.

Price:  $2.99-$10.00

3. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is one of the amazing Twitter apps that is widely used for social media management. It’s one of the oldest social media management apps available and is the favorite of many business owners.

Best twitter apps

You might be thinking about it at some point in time,  how do brands post on several different social media platforms simultaneously? Hootsuite is the answer. It tracks multiple social networks at once including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc from a central hub.

Price: $19.99+ per month

4. Owly for Twitter

Owly is a newly launched app as a third-party Twitter app. It manages the basic tasks and also includes ambiguous ways for diverting Twitter’s character limit and other such tools. There can be certain changes to make its UI simple and attractive yet It’s a decent, simple Twitter app with amazing and exciting features.

Price: $2.99

5. Friendly For Twitter

Friendly is also one of the best Twitter apps although previously discusses apps do a lot, Friendly doesn’t do that much, yet it is simple, easy, and affordable to use.

It doesn’t support the distinct features and cool characteristics it just hangs with the basics. The app runs only the web version of Twitter, and unlike the prior ones, it’s lightweight and pretty simple, to use. Friendly for Twitter is a perfect choice for budget phones moreover it has a built-in battery saver.

6. Albatross for Twitter

Albatross is a newly added third-party Twitter app that offers features including list support and notification-type organization, and it supports all the different media formats that Twitter uses. Plus, it will remove all the hassles like ads and promotional videos while you use Twitter.

7. TwitPane

Twitpane allows you to customization based on your needs plus it is not a heavily weighted app. It is also popular among people, the only reason n of its popularity is its amazing features and services, for example, it allows, it shows only the tab you want to see. Moreover, unlike other apps, it supports both types of versions use. The free version allows up to three accounts and the paid version allows up to 5 accounts.

The design is super simple and easy to use the app, if you choose to go with a free version, you will have to face lots of ads that can disturb you, while in the paid version, you will never face any disturbance and also get the more benefits.

 Price: $ 4.99

Wrap Up:

So far we have discussed the third-party Twitter apps that help you to outstanding performance over the social media and Businesses. If you use these apps wisely, then these apps will surely be a lucky charm for you.

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