Top 5 Best apps to track heart rate zones

Now you do not need to worry about your heart rating as you have plenty of apps to track heart rate zones. Today’s post will let you know about the several apps to track heart rate.

A lot of gears are already available to monitor your body and its daily need like water, exercise, etc now we have many kinds of heart rate monitor apps.

In this article, we gonna see what are the best apps to track heart rate zones or you can say concisely heart rate monitoring apps that will be helpful for you to live a long run.

best apps to track heart rate zone

These apps are very helpful when you do workouts, do heavy exercises or you are suffering from diseases.

This article will not be helpful for android users but also will help Apple users. But we will first see the best android free heart rate monitor apps.

Follow these Best Apps to track heart rate zones on Android 

1. HeartRate Monitor

Your Heart rate/heartbeat is the most important measure of your health and fitness for living a long run cycle. So, we should use these heart rate tracker apps to maintain our heartbeat as well as health. Using Heart Rate Monitor app, we can easily measure and monitor our heart rate!

  •   HearRate Monitor is free to use the app with unlimited recording
  •  It comes up with an intuitive design
  •  Google Fit support
  •  No additional hardware required

The app is very simple to use, just put your finger on the phone’s camera and do not move, the heart rate should be shown after several seconds.

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2. Heart Rate Monitor – Pulse App

The app holds a 5 out of 5-star rating on the google play store, surely the results it shows, are real. To use this app is pretty simple, just put your index finger on your phone’s camera and stay still, after some time this will show your heart rate.

  • No dedicated device or smartwatch is needed! The phone is more than sufficient
  • It shows waveform graphs for showing the results
  •  CSV export available to print
  •  Health knowledge and insights by experts
  • Protect your privacy safely: Locally / Google Cloud / Google Fit

3. Welltory: Heart Rate Monitor

Welltory is also another best option to track your heart rate without a smartwatch or a fitness band. Users can monitor their heart rate, productivity, energy level, activity, etc.

  • Apply adaptive cardio zones (fat burning, cardio, peak, and light zone)
  • Users can analyze their activity for a whole range of sports: workout, swimming, running, yoga sessions, cycling
  •  Compare the impact of different workouts for better health

Now, I think more than 3 apps can be a reason to be bothered about what should you choose. So, let’s see what are the best iPhone apps to monitor heart rate.

Best iPhone apps to monitor heart rate

4. Cardiio

Cardio is one of the best apps to track heart rate zone,  the app has 41.6k reviews on the App Store along with an overall rating of 4.7 out of 5. various newspapers and tv channels use to feature cardio as one of the best heart rate monitors apps. Some of the most prominent platforms which had endorsed this app are ABC News, CBS, Cult of Mac, Lifehacker, and PC Magazine.

  • Pay $9.99 to unlock the Pro features of this heart rate app like workout calories burn, productivity, energy, etc. You can use it for free as well, with access to basic features
  • Shows the most appropriate results as compared to other apps available on the apple store.
  • This heart rate monitor app requires at least an 8.0 version of iOS. Also, it is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices
  • It supports more than 13 languages including English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Portuguese, etc

5. Cardio Graph Classic

Cardio Graph heart rate monitor app is present on both google play store and the apple app store. You can track your current activity like cardio, extreme workout, or resting to get a more accurate detection of your heart rate through this app.

The app automatically stops to detect your pulse once it has got a reading.

Download: Cardiograph Classic for Android | iOS


So, this is all for today’s post, doesn’t matter which app you are using among the above listed but don’t forget to check out the reviews and downloads number in addition to ratings.

But note, never 100% believe in these apps, take the prescription from Doctor time to time.

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