How to setup Face ID with a mask in iOS 15.4

Face Mask-created obstacles iOS 15.4 is going to solve. This article will let you know about setup Face Id with a mask in iOS 15.4

The face mask has become important stuff in our daily life but sometimes it creates hassles while we are going to unlock iPhone. At that time, this gives too much frustration, but now, it will not do so for long as iPhone is coming with a new update. Currently, unlocking iPhone, while wearing a face mask is only easy in the beta version, however, Apple is planning to approach normal versions of iPhone 12 or later.

Setup face id with a mask in ios 15.4

New iPhone users often use to unlock their iPhone through facial recognition instead of using fingerprints because fingerprint becomes panic while you are wearing gloves or shopping but what if they have a mask on their face, iPhone X totally disagreed to unlock your iPhone. But, this was in past only, after the Beta version testing, all iPhone users will be able to setup face id with a mask in iOS 15.4.

iOS updated version 13.5 arrived in April 2020 allowing users to quickly swipe upwards on the iPhone to disappear the need for Face ID and instead unlock using the passcode, which downs the frustration. And then iOS 14.5 update exposed the ability to unlock the iPhone with an Apple Watch if you have. But to unlock iPhone with a face mask was still there.

It is hereby that in iOS 15.4 there will be a new Face ID & Passcode settings are currently in beta testing. As soon as iOS 15.4 is installed on your iPhone you will find a new way to unlock iPhone Face ID with Mask. We’ll explain How to setup face id with a mask in iOS 15.4. Remember, this solution only works with only iPhone 12 and later.

Here’s how to SetUp Face ID with a Mask in iOS 15.4

Now, you are too excited to get to know about How to setup face id with a mask in iOS 15.4 so that you can use this update, okay lemme tell you.

The very first requirement is to have iOS 15.4 installed in your iPhone 12 or later. However, for now, iOS 15.4 is in beta, and maybe in the future when you are on this post, the alpha version will be released.

so if you are an alpha user then you will have to wait until it is released to the general public – it is expected to come in  March or April.

Let’s suppose, you have installed iOS 15.4, now it’s time to setup face id with a mask in iOS 15.4. Follow-

  1. Open Settings and go to Face ID & Passcode
  2. Enter your passcode.
  3.  A New option Face ID with Mask will appear.

Click on that option and authenticate your face especially your eyes.

Once it has been activated then Face ID will use the unique features around the eye area for authentication instead of performing full facial recognition.

Don’t worry if you use to wear specs on your eyes. There is also an option to Add Glasses for the convenience of specs wearers.

Apple concludes while settings are disabled  Face ID is more accurate. Clearly, unlocking by Face ID in the mask only works on the iPhone 12 or newer until apple employees have tested a beta.

How to turn off Face ID in iPhone 

One option is to simply turn off Face ID as a means to unlock your iPhone.

  1. Reach to Settings
  2. Face ID & Passcode
  3. Enter your Passcode
  4. Now you can deselect the sliders beside the options for iPhone Unlock etc.

Now, enter your passcode. Every time you need to unlock it or identify yourself for Apple Pay and so on.

So, this is all about setting up a face id with a mask in iOS 15.4. Although, this is too simple but uses it carefully. You need to scan your face carefully remember to open your eyes do not lid down at the time of validation.

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