Top 7 Best Football Statistics Apps

Hello everyone, In this blog, I will tell you the top 7 Best Football Statistics Apps that help you to improve or update your football knowledge. As we know football or soccer is one of the most playing sports around the globe. Around 4 billion fans, love to watch and play football. Here are some best soccer stat apps that help to give complete football news, event/league alerts, live scores, etc.

Best Football Statistics Apps

Top 7 Best Football Statistics Apps

  • Statszone
  • TeamForm
  • Onefootball – Soccer News
  • TLS Football
  •  SofaScore
  • 365Scores
  • Bet Data

1. Statszone:- 

This app provides you with unique and quick data of all the live games, along with a detailed analysis of the shots, goals, dribbles, passes, and many more stats for your analysis. The one section of the app has all the data of previous matches and upcoming matches. They cover all 11  competitions, including all the small and large leagues around the globe. This app is given you limited access to the data after that you have to pay small $10 annual fees, If you are a true soccer fan then this app is the best soccer stat app.

2. TeamForm:-

This is also the coolest soccer stats app that provides you the complete data of the live and previous match, they also have a match analysis logarithm on the basis of the previous match they give you ratings to all the teams and make a complete statistics report for all the top players. Team form is one of the best football statistics apps. They give you free content up to a certain level then after you have to buy the annual or monthly pack.

3. Onefootball- Soccer News:-

Follow our favorite team or player, aftereffects of all football and soccer matches, and vote in favor of the best player. Get minute-by-minute updates during Premier League, Champions League, and worldwide games. Modify message pop-ups to get match day crew and group news, key occasions, red cards, and objective alarms for both the club and global rivalries you need to find out about. Regardless of whether it’s about an unexpected Man United group choice or a somewhat late adjuster in the Champions League knockouts, we can stay up with the latest.

4. TLS Football:-

This app provides you the complete user guide for soccer stats and provides you the old vibes while live matches because they give you the live commentary in the match. They also have players rating algorithms to analyze their complete performance.

5. SofaScore:-

Sofa Score contains scores from a wide scope of associations, not restricted to implanted Twitter channels, stage-by-stage scoring details, and an in-application player rating framework. Moreover, it incorporates a rundown of which streams and TV channels the match is being communicated.
Remembered for the impending match screen was the ‘highlighted players’ correlation, which analyzes one player from each group’s last match. This component might be helpful when seeing potential confounds; in any case, the advantage of this sports statistics app for beginners is quite good.

6. 365Scores:-

This app covers all the live matches and upcoming matches around the world. They also have free football stats software for analysis of all the previous matches and making full-length football stats. this app is completely free to use for the new user.

7. Bet Data:-

An advanced and element heavy application. This application is one of the uncommon applications to contain live scores and more than the most essential details on impending games, making it stand apart from numerous other applications available. Notwithstanding, how many highlights that the architect has attempted to pack on each screen causes it to appear to be crushed and doesn’t help the client experience. In spite of the fact that there is a decent utilization of boundaries trying to isolate them, it actually feels jumbled but still, it is one the best football statistics app.

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