What is Instagram Playback 2021? Everything Explained

As we are coming to the end of 2021 year, big tech companies launching their year in review features to promote and engage users more. After Spotify wrapped, youtube recap, and now Instagram launches Instagram Playback 2021 feature to recap the stories of 2021 back. Basically, It is an Instagram wrap-up feature for this 2021 year known as Instagram Playback 2021.

Instagram Playback 2021

Instagram always launches new features but his feature comes after lot of big tech companies. Instagram Playback 2021 itself picks the best stories that you have posted through pout this year. However, there will a choice to add or delete them as per your choice. A great fact is that Instagram tells 2021 playback a time capsule for your best stories. It will roll out for all the users slowlly.

How to create your Instagram Playback 2021

To get Instagram playback 2021 for you in your app, you need to go through some that I will go to write here. So keep following us.

1.  Firstly, You need to open Instagram and there will be a tile at top of your feed named View your 2021 Playback.

2. Now click on the blue vie playback button and Instagram itself choose the 10 best stories from your last 1 year’s stories.

3. Now you have the power to add or remove the stories from there just right before sharing.

Assuming the 2021 Playback feature hasn’t shown up for you, however, you can see others displaying their own features, simply click the 2021 sticker that shows up toward the side of those accounts. Instagram said the element ought to be carried out to all clients before the week’s over.

The element is like Snapchat’s year in the audit include from the beyond quite a long while, through which you can decide to send individual snaps to various individuals or distribute to your story.

Now there is a great thing to see about which tech companies going to launch their year-in-review feature.

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