Top 5 Best NCC Apps

Are you willing to join NCC or already joined NCC? Then this article is just for you. In this article, we will go through the best NCC apps. These apps are very helpful for the NCC cadets. Let’s give a quick intro about National Cadet Corpse.

Best NCC apps

What is NCC?

The National Cadet Corps(NCC) is nothing but a youth wing of the Indian armed force. NCC is established on 16 April 1948. NCC headquarter is presented in the capital of India ie. New Delhi. NCC comprises 3 branches like NCC Army, NCC Nacy, and NCC Air Wing. The main aim behind establishing NCC is to inculcate the youth of the country into patriotic and disciplined citizens.

From school to college students can join NCC. There is 3 certificate available in NCC i.e. A, B, C. NCC A certificate is specially designed for school students. NCC B and C certificates are designed for college students with a duration of 3 years. Even the founder of Techgecs Ashish is also an NCC C certificate holder. NCC cadets have been given military training in such a way that every cadet can feel Army life with enough arms knowledge. NCC also helps to get a job in defense of India.

Best NCC Apps

In every NCC certificate, there will be an exam with 2 or 3 camps compulsory to attend. These apps definitely help them to crack the NCC exams.

1. NCC Apps- DGNCC Training:-

This is the official app launched by Headquarter Directorate Genera; NCC to enhance NCC cadet knowledge. This app comprises the NCC syllabus, training videos, NCC topics, faqs, and much more. It will help NCC cadets to grasp and access the NCC training material on their mobile.

The syllabus is provided according to junior cadets and senior cadets. In this app, there is features that help you send your query to designated officials by filling a simple form. This apps is also let you know about NCC news updates.

Google Play Rating- 4.4+

2. NCC Apps- Ncc Online Training For DGNCC Cadets App:-

I personally like this app because of the User interface. And this app is available in both Hindi and English so if you have English understanding issues then you can download and use this app. It has topics for the NCC army wing, air wing, and navy wing. All the NCC commands with audio are available in this app. All the military ranks in the army, a guide to joining NCC, NCC cadet ranks everything is available.

This app is very useful to crack the NCC exam. The topics available in this app are based on the previous year’s paper.

Google Play Rating- 4.1+

3. NCC Apps-NccStory:-

This app is very interesting. If you are an NCC cadet then this app is must download on your mobile phone. It is an app that collects NCC stories from various parts of the country. This app can be very helpful to you in terms of a defense career. It is an open-source app where anyone can contribute on Github. This application comprises Tips and Tricks To Complete Various Ncc Camps like RDC, TSC, NSC, VSC, SNIC, EBSB, Para Camp, Scuba Diving, Trekking, IMA, OTA CATC, Etc.

4. NCC Apps-NCC Family:-

I must say what great creativity made this app. This app is an NCC social media where you can post your NCC-related posts, thoughts, videos, etc. It is a network of NCC cadets where you can meet new NCC cadets from different parts of the country. Here NCC cadets can play NCC games with each other on this app. You can follow your most famous ANO’s PI staff. You can get NCC updates and news.

Google Play Rating- 4.1+

5. NCC Apps-iNCC:-

This is another best NCC prep apps. The main aim behind this app is to cadet get detailed information about NCC to become a good NCC cadet. This app comprises

1. Information about NCC
2. Audio Commands of NCC
3. All the materials and syllabus for cadets
4. Detailed Ranking and Camp information
5. Practicing quiz for cadets.

Google Play Rating- 4.3+

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