Top 5 Best Indian Army preparation apps

I am not exaggerating my sentence if a say “Indian army job is the most respected job in India” If you want to be part of the Indian Army you need the correct guidance to clear the exam. So here I am going to tell you the top 5 best Indian Army preparation apps .

There are only a few jobs left in the world that are considered respected and prideful. The story of the Indian Army’s bravery is popular in India that how they fought world wars, Indo-Pak wars. Indian army is the 2 largest active soldiers in the world and budget of Indian army is 3 largest budget in the world.

For entering in the army service line there are several ways like NDA( after completing 12th you are eligible to apply), CDS(here you can apply after completing your graduating part, there are other ways like X-Y group exam and some direct exam for Indian army job so you need some best Indian army preparation apps so they can boost your future.

Best Indian Army preparation app

Top 5 Best Indian Army preparation apps

  • Unacademy App
  • BYJU’S App
  • Shaurya Bharat App
  • TextBook
  • Army Bharti Exam book App 

Top 5 Best Indian Army preparation apps-(Unacademy App)-:

I think we all are familiar with this app because of the unique design and concept, they put all the best teachers from all around India on one platform so that you can access a larger number of tutors in one place. After the coronavirus outbreak in the world, Everyone gone start shifting to digital platforms.

They feel more comfortable and easy accessing the large content in a single app. They also provide free classes or special classes for the unpaid user, But in the paid version they give you access to take part in live classes, assignments, and tests. I think it is a complete package in one, according to me it is the best Indian army preparation app.

Google-play store-4.0/5

Top 5 Best Indian Army preparation apps-(BYJU’S)-

Gradually this app became very popular because of its high-class teaching method, They used high definition 3D images and video lectures so you can easily visualize the concept and problem and it helps you to think differently. They can also give you 2 teacher support one is for teaching and the other for doubt solver in the classroom so you well much comparable on attending the classes. Before buying their plus subscription they give you access to free demo classes so you can understand the mechanism for the app. This app is also the best Indian army preparation app where you can give many live quizzes and tests to improve the perforation.

Google-play store-4.2/5

Top 5 Best Indian Army preparation apps-(Army Bharti Exam book App)-:

This app has unique content on armed force, test planning application exceptional plan for those understudies who are not ready to get clear exam about enrollment methodology, qualification criteria, which records needs for enlistment, actual wellness test, and what to do and what not to do, this sort all fundamental enrollment system plan fundamental data we added. we added a number of tests, MCQs identified with all subjects, and a schedule of composing assessments. This is an underrated(or fake) app that’s why I am giving you a link for download

Google-play store-4.2/5

Download-Army Bharti Exam book App

Top 5 Best Indian Army preparation apps-(Textbook)-:

The motto of this app is “more you practice more you improve “, this app contains the best quality practice paper where you can solve and analyze your performance step by step with a video solution of each question in the practice set and you have the wide access for live interacting classes in the app.

Google-play store-4.6/5

Top 5 Best Indian Army preparation apps-(Shaurya Bharat App)-:

The interface of this app is very easy and specially designed for beginners so they can easily connect to an app and start learning the content. They provide you the complete guidance training as well as competitive exams of the Armed forces, Paramilitary forces, etc. This app provides you the systematic learning where you can access the E-books and recorded video lectures.

Google-play store-4.6/5

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