Best Covid Apps that You must have in your phone

Due to the increasing third wave of covid 19 day by day, we should have to aware of this pandemic before its bad effect on us this is why we have come with a very useful article that includes the list of best covid apps in it with their proper details.

As we all know our country rather the whole world is suffering from this harmful virus since 2019 until now we are not yet free from it. Every second, a suspension of covid 19 turns around in our minds. Parents are worried about their kids and they are just afraid to send them to schools because of growing omicron( Third wave of covid 19). Freinds feel hesitation while hugging or waving hands with their friends, online classes are not that effective for school students.

We are not magicians that eliminate this virus from the entire world by just snapping the fingers but of course, we try to free from covid’s every version by painting social distancing, wearing masks, sanitizing hands, covering the face, following covid 19 guidelines, etc.

best covid apps

We can’t figure out real covid patient by just hearing his/her cough, sneeze, etc but we can’t ignore this as the probability to be a victim of covid is everywhere, in this case, we are required to have some digital technique every time with us that will protect us from spreading coronavirus.

Contact tracing apps are the best solution to get notified of the danger of covid 19. Now, the contact tracing apps can be of two types either centralized or decentralized. Below we have listed the best covid 19 apps used by several countries.

Best Covid apps in India 

  1. Arogya Setu

India had launched its own covid alert mobile app namely Arogya Setu launched on 2 April 2020 has been crossed 1M downloads developed by the Government of India to connect essential health services with Indian citizens in our fight against COVID-19. The app helps you to find out covid patients near you by notifying you to stay away from the near person. Also, the app helps you to check are you suffering from covid or not but you have to behave honestly with the app as it is based upon your entries so place honesty in our combined war against covid 19.

 2.  Cowin

This Cowin Mobile Application is developed having the aim of Cowin Facility level users to perform the following tasks as Vaccinator, Supervisors, and Surveyors.

1.  Take Registration: Based on identity proofs issued by the government of India people can be registered on the Application.

2. Beneficiary Verification: Beneficiary’s relevant details can be captured in encrypted form which can be utilized to ensure that vaccine is administered to relevant Beneficiary. This is applicable at the time of registration as well as vaccination.

3. Aadhaar Authentication: To ensure de-duplication, Beneficiary’s Aadhaar authentication can be done from the application in the form of OTP and Demographic Authentication. This is applicable at the time of registration or at the time of validation.

4. Vaccination Status: Based on the dosing schedule, the vaccination status of the Beneficiary can be updated from not vaccinated to partially vaccinated and partially vaccinated to vaccination completion.


Best Covid apps in Japan

Japan had been released its official covid 19 app under the guidance of the Ministery of Health, Labour and welfare to protect people of the country from this disaster virus. Name of covid app in japan is  COVID-19 Contact-Confirming Application (新型コロナウイルス接触確認アプリShingata Koronauirusu Sesshoku Kakunin Apuri, COCOA). Available for both android as well as iPhone.

Best Covid apps in Canada

On 31 July 2020, the COVID Alert application was launched by the Canadian government launched as their free-of-charge service, private, and anonymous COVID-19 exposure notification app. This app was developed with coordination with Shopify and BlackBerry tech giants and is available for all types of mobile devices.

The app doesn’t require you to fill in your age, gender, the other info as it uses Bluetooth technology to check and share a random list of codes from any nearby smartphones held by people who have tested positive.

Best Covid apps in Germany

Germany launched its official app called “Corona-Warn-App” which was available to publicly download on 16 June 2020. To develop this app came under the category of open source project jointly by Deutsche Telekom and SAP under the scientific advice from the federal Robert Koch Institute and notification access was taken from Google and Apple’s API.

Best Covid apps in the United Kingdom

24 September 2020 was the fortune date when The NHS COVID-19 contact tracing app for England and Wales was launched for people. The NHS app uses Google/Apple exposure notification technology and their APIs techniques also. To maintain contact tracing, the NHS COVID-19  app for England and Wales allows users to scan official NHS QR code posters at different places such as businesses, venues, and transport hubs. To ensure data integrity and security, the QR code is constructed from a JSON Web Signature (JWS).

Best Covid apps in Singapore

Singapore also launched an open-source software called TraceTogether which is being used to notify people of the danger of covid. BlueTrace, a digital contact tracing protocol was used to develop this app. 

Wrap Up

Some of the above-listed apps are based on centralized technology and some of based on decentralized techniques. Almost every country has launched their official application for preserving people now it’s our turn to use these apps to fight with covid 19.


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