Best Apps for Limiting Caffeine

Want to get rid of over-caffeine consumption but don’t know how to do so? Well In this article, you will be familiar with the best apps for limiting caffeine.

Due to workload are you obsessed with the beverages that include caffeine in them? And now you want to get rid of this obsession as any kind of obsession is really harmful to our health so this article is for you.

We all know that Caffeine is beneficial for our health and beauty too but excess of a good thing can be a bad thing. We are not saying you to stop taking coffee and tea-like beverages but we are recommending you to start monitoring it. And if you really consume too much then we highly recommend you to use the best apps for limiting caffeine.


Best Apps for Limiting Caffeine


Generally, we use to take beverages that contain caffeine with them for avoiding laziness so that we can continue our work, study, etc. But did you know excess Coffee and tea or any other drink that includes caffeine is dangerous to your health? If you are hanging with the same problem and want to get rid of coffee or tea but didn’t find a way how to get rid of Coffee/tea? Follow the below-mentioned best apps for limiting caffeine and we ensure you to found very good results soon.

So, without wasting your precious time let’s have a look at the following apps.

Best apps for limiting Caffeine

1. Caffeine Tracker-

Caffeine Tracker is a paid app but it does not charge you more. t is just rupees 85 for now. It helps you to monitor your caffeine consumption level. If you want to monitor your caffeine consumption then you have to simply record each drink you take. Accounts for the natural metabolism of the caffeine in each drink over time.

This app shows your caffeine consumption in the form of pie charts so that you can easily measure your caffeine beverages.

Pie chart colors show the following:
green = caffeine in your bloodstream (this is the stuff you feel!)
blue = caffeine consumed, but not yet absorbed into the bloodstream
red = caffeine consumed and absorbed, but metabolized from your bloodstream

2. Caffeine Tracker Reminders-

Monitor your beverages consumption for the whole day and stay healthy. Caffeine Tracker reminder allows you to monitor your daily caffeine intake to reduce your habit of overconsumption. You can prepare a report of your weekly caffeine intake and share it with your friends too.
Intake of heavy doses of caffeine can be harmful to your health in this case Caffeine Tracker reminder helps you a lot.
You can track coffee, tea, energy drinks, sodas, and also you can add your custom beverages. Start by entering your healthy level of intaking caffeine in a day and then compare with entered amount.


3. Caffeine Tracker – Caffeine Calculator

Caffeine Tracker- Caffeine Calculator helps you to have an eye on your habits of intaking caffeine in coffee and ‘green tea’. Through this amazing application, you will surely find out how tracking small habits can make a big difference and will prove glory to your health.

We all know lowering caffeine intake has never been easier but of course, it is not an impossible task. To make it possible all you have to do is download the Caffeine Tracker – Caffeine Calculator, select the type of drink and the amount you take, and add it to your list. If you are a blood pressure patient then make sure to consume a limited amount of coffee or other caffeine beverages. Ensure you don’t exceed the average recommended caffeine intake.

This app also tells you the right amount of caffeine for a particular drink.


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These three are the best apps for limiting caffeine in your daily beverages now its totally depends on you how great and honestly, you use them and how fast you win the war of limiting caffeine.


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