How to Make money with Koo

Hey readers! In this article, we gonna tell you “How to make money with Koo?” Have you ever searched What is Koo app, which country launched the Koo app, How to earn money from the Koo app? and you always meet with disappointment. Don’t worry, now you are at the very right place so, without wasting more time, let’s get started.

How to make money with Koo

What is Koo App? 

Koo app is in trending discussion nowadays and according to sources, Koo app is an alternative app of Twitter and Gettr. Basically, the Koo app is specially designed for Indians to share their views, opinions, sharing videos, photos, links in the Indian language. Koo is not available in the form of an app but also you can check out their website. Koo was rewarded by the AatmaNirbhar innovation challenge. Koo app is made in India as per the vision of PM Modi. Users can chat with each other they can DM, conduct Polls the same as on Twitter.

One special thing about the Koo app is that This app is supporting too many Indian languages including Kannada, Telugu, Bengali, Punjabi, Gujrati, Hindi, Odia, Marathi, etc. Koo app is being popular day by day at the present time, Koo app is having more than 1 crore users and a 4.6-star rating on Google Play Store.

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How to use Koo App?

If you are an Indian, we suggest you use the Koo app for once you will be happy after using the Koo app as this app is specially designed for Indians and supports many Indian languages. You can post, chat in your native language.

Using the Koo app is simple as using Twitter. As you use Twitter, tweet on Twitter, etc. Post on Twitter is called a Tweet and a post on Koo is called Koo. If you wanna Koo on the Koo app you have to simply click on the + icon. And if you wanna share some thoughts, you can convert your message with the help of some text, images, videos, etc.

How to Make Money with Koo-

Although the Koo app is new it has already earned good popularity in India. Crores of users are using Koo in this situation you can use it to make money from Koo. Because of its high popularity, you get a heavy base of users to make money through Koo. In the following content, we reveal some ways to earn money from Koo.

  1.  Via Affiliate Marketing
  2.  Via Brand promotion/ Sponsorship
  3.  Blog/Video  Sharing
  4.  Via Link Shortening

How to make money with Koo via Affiliate Marketing-

In simple terms, Affiliate marketing is a way to sell products by advertising and reviewing among people by making pairs or groups of people to engage people for purchasing their products.

Affiliate marketing is an online way to earn money from Koo. If you wanna earn money through affiliate marketing so simply have to join a company and start to promote their products on your Facebook, Youtube channel( if you have), Blog, Instagram, Twitter, and Koo.

If you sell their products by using social media or the Koo app then the company will give you commission and this commission is your earning.

Best Affiliate Networks:

Amazon Affiliate Program

Flipkart Affiliate Program

Godaddy Affiliate program

Meesho Affiliate Program

Affiliate marketing can be understood by a real-life example, let’ say you have an account on the Koo app and you scored more than 10000 followers on the Koo app. Then you can share your affiliate marketing products/services links on the Koo app, whoever likes your products or services will surely try once, and this makes you profit.

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How to make money with Koo via Sponsorship-

If you have a heavy amount of followers on the Koo app or any other social media platform then you can easily earn money through sponsorship. If you contract a company to sponsor them, you can earn money by doing so. Basically, every company or small business and start-up needs to advertise them in this situation if you take sponsorship of a company and promote that company then the company will pay you. But remember, the sponsorship needs more followers.

How to make money with Koo via Blog/video sharing-

Whether you are a blog writer or Youtuber you can earn money on Koo by showing your talent to your followers as well as the public. But for making money make sure that you are sharing valuable content with your followers you can only earn when people find your content good for them either it is in the form of text or video. Writing a Blog or making videos does not matter just share on the Koo app if people would like you must be able to earn money from Koo.

How to make money with Koo by URL Shortening-

For a good look and feel of content, the URL should be small but sometimes we have to face a large URL at this time we need a URL shortener. But did you know that you can earn money on Koo by shorting URLs?

If you wanna earn money from link shortening, first you will have to short the URL from any one of the given websites.

  • Shorte. st
  • ZA.GI

After shortened URL, you have to share that URL on the Koo app, and who opens the URL that will redirect to that website which was used in URL shortening. That website will show you an ad and then redirect you to a real website. This makes you benefit. In this way, you can earn money from the Koo app.



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