Lensfest 2021: Everything You Need To Know About

Once again, we are ready to experience the thrill of Lensfest 2021  with lots of knowledge, if you’re planning on developing new and instigative systems using your coding or specialized chops?


So don’t miss the chance to participate in the Lensfest 2021. In this blog, I am going to tell you everything you need to know about Lenfest 2021 like how to register? benefits of attending  Lenfest? when will go to host? Everyone in this world wants to learn and enhance their skill in his relative field, here you will get mentor support and appraisal for your work

What is Lensfest 2021?

Here you can expand your business, get inspired, and explore the technology driving the evolution of AR. At Lens Fest 2021, we’re exploring the massive advances in AR and the way it’s shaping how we witness the world. Join us for three days of virtual events with leading creative professionals from around the world, including sessions, workshops, meetups, and much more to learn. This type of platform provides you with wide opportunities in the field of AR, if you are a beginner don’t feel backward because the design of this platform is such a way that all beginners, intermediate, and professionals came together and work with this AR revolution.

Why should you participate in the Lensfest 2021?

If you are wanted to explore and experience AR so closely, are you someone who is totally frustrated with bugs in your code, or are you looking for peers? then you must join this fest because it improves your mind and flash talks which help you to get a good job in a multinational company. From eCommerce, apps, direct-to-consumer, and everything in between, the need for an AR Strategy to drive ROI today and future proof your business for tomorrow, is a must. They’ll highlight how our partners are driving business results by reimagining the customer experience using Snap AR. In this 3 days fest they are going to provide you with 10 sessions, 6 live and interactive workshops, and 6 demos so you feel hydrated in the fest.

When will Lensfest 2021 host?

The date of Lensfest was already announced 7th – 9th December in 2021 globally. This program will be hosted on Snapchat this year to experience the advancement of the AR revolution in the modern world.

How to register in Lensfest 2021?

There is no rocket science here I will simply provide you the link, so you just click on the link then you will see two icons.

1-Schedule- here you got your  proper 3 days index so that you can easily track your time and availability of the event

2 -Registration –  then you simply fill in the personal detail and select the country and proceed with the other essential formalities.

What you will get from Lensfest 2021?

They try to give you the ecosystem of snap AR. They are working hard to get you the tools you need to keep redefining the future of augmented reality. Through his session and workshop, they teach us that Anyone can build augmented reality experiences, from lightweight branded Lenses all the way to virtual try-on, multi-sensory interactive experiences. They’ll be highlighting our learnings and how we approach hardware design with empathy, humanity, and privacy in mind. A panel of creators will discuss their experience building for the next generation of Spectacles and provide an outlook on what they think the future of augmented reality looks like.

What is Lensfest profile?

Lensfest profile is just another name of your professional profile. This will enable you to reach out to peers, recruiters. They will help you to achieve what you’re seeking. This profile also helps you to showcase your systemswork experience in any open source community, or achievements. Here you can download your certificate and rewards for the  upcoming future

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