How to create WhatsApp group icons with emojis and stickers

Hey WhatsApp users, in this post, we are going to tell you about how to create WhatsApp group icons with emojis and stickers? Till now, we can only create group icons with the use of our gallery photos but did you know how you can set an emoji or sticker as a group icon on WhatsApp.Yesterday, WhatsApp has launched its beta version  including some new and effective updations such as My contact except these types of privacy features, and create WhatsApp group icons with emojis and stickers. Although WhatsApp beta has already been released with specific privacy of hiding last seen from specific people but now with these changes new version is released today. And as the first shouted by tipster WABetaInfo, the update releases with a new feature that lets you use emojis and stickers as WhatsApp group profile pictures.

Create WhatsApp group icons with emojis and stickers

create WhatsApp group icons with emojis and stickers

Whether you are using WhatsApp beta or you are newer, simply open WhatsApp, open the group you want to set group icon now, click the pencil icon in the group icon screen to access the new ‘Emojis & stickers’ option. It can be easily found in the existing ‘Gallery’ and ‘Search web’ options.

Come on to the bottom, search for your loved one emoji or sticker or even you can also set the total background with a specific pastel color. Yes! Now, WhatsApp has a collection of lovely 11 pastel colors as the background for the emoji or sticker you will be using. But remember you will be allowed only to use one color at a time. Of course, you can change again and again if you want to do so. Set a color from the color picker present below.

There are two types of stickers supported by Whatsapp, the first one is static, and the second is animated with a little speed. But WhatsApp doesn’t support animated profile pictures, if you try to set an animated profile picture you will get a static profile of that sticker. In comparison to stickers and emojis, the output is satisfactory for stickers, as it looks a bit good pixelated than emojis.

Setting emojis and stickers on profile pictures is only limited to Whatsapp groups, for now, you can’t use this to set your own WhatsApp profile picture. You can set your own profile picture either by using a camera or by taking a photo from a gallery and also if you want to remove your dp you can easily do it by just clicking on remove photo. however, you can set an emoji or sticker profile picture to a group, also can save it to your mobile’s gallery if required.

Wrap Up-

As this is applied only for WhatsApp beta versions, we will have to wait for WhatsApp to make this feature available in the stable version of the app.

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