Top 5 Best Emo Apps

In this article, we will see some of the Best Emo Apps to use for veterans and needy people.

1. Emo(LLC)

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Emo- Emotional Message Outlet LLC is free to use easily available on Google Play Store it allows you to express your emotional states and situations from time to time in a whole day. This application was found very useful to reduce the suicide rate of returning veterans. The purpose of the application is to help make team members aware of emotional distress in returning veterans and veterans in need. Emo is specially developed to ask the emotional states and provide motivational phrases according to the situation throughout the day.

Here are some key features of Emo (LLC):

  1. Age rating 10+
  2. Category and Genre: Health & Fitness
  3. Publisher: Emo- Emotional message outlet, LLC.
  4. Social App

Review by Christina Rodriguez-

I had been feeling depressed for a while and wanted to find a more interactive way to keep track of my emotions. This app helped me do just that. I was able to see how I felt each day which helped me just to find ways to make me feel better.

2. Emo App

Best Emo Apps

If you are an emotional person so we recommend you always have Emo on your mobile phone. With the Emo app, you can not feel alone or sad additionally, you can easily find your emo friends across the world. The emo app is just like a social media app. You can connect to your friends, family, colleagues as well as connect with the people outside of India. You can share photos, videos, links, etc. You can now share stories, comments, view your visitors, follow and follow back same as Instagram. And the most important thing this app is not available for less than 13 years children.

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3. Emo Photo

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On Emo Photo, you can customize your photo, hairstyle, clothes, dressing through this app. Emo Photo Game is best for taping stickers on photos, inserting an image, and finding the image in different Emos and hairstyles through this app. It’s an amazing photo editor for girls to add emo piercing on photos!

Key Features of Emo Photo:

  • Stunning filters
  • High-resolution photo
  • Add text to photo
  •  Many magical art effects
  •  Brightness
  •  Contrast
  •  Saturation
  •  Blur
  • temperature
  •  Shadows / Highlights
  • Cropping
  • Focus
  • HDR Effect
  •  Emo Photo game is absolutely free:
  •  No paid content
  • No registration
  •  No coins
  • All for FREE

4. Emo Wallpapers

Emo Wallpapers provides you with a variety of wallpapers and backgrounds. All the Wallpapers are in the emo theme some are dark some are grey with a motivational or divine quote. If you’re feeling emo, why hide it? Go ahead, surround yourself with music, art, and expression that show your feelings. Download this app to gain access to beautiful, chilling backgrounds that will reflect your true emotions.

5. Emo Watch

Emo watch app

Emo Watch is a health tracking app and its parameters are based on an intelligent interpreter of your voice. Do you want to know what’s your mood today, when you have an important event? Maybe this will help you through. This watch app has the whole tracker of your daily mood activities. But it is not free if you want to install it so you have to pay $0.99 to the iTunes store also remember it is not available for android users it is available only for iPhone and iPad users.

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