Top 6 best apps to prepare for SAT

In this article, we gonna tell you the best apps to prepare for SAT. Stay tuned for getting the apps for SAT preparation.

What is SAT exam?

Best apps to prepare for SAT

If your college journey is going to start soon in this case, SAT exam can prove a great influence for you. Every good college forces on high test scores and high percentile which ensure them to identify the real talent. Besides this, if we see at the level of SAT so the level of SAT is not that tough if we have eyes on its popularity.  Of course, the material is of advanced level but the test is not tricky – in simple words, the questions are designed in that way you are able to answer them easily as well as quickly but you have to do a little bit of practice that will help you to get a good score.

But when you are preparing for SAT exam always remember not to depend only on notes and basic fundas. You have to work smartly so that you can be smart by taking admission in a fantastic college attached with SAT. Now, the question arises How to do smart work? The answer is to use the best apps to prepare for SAT. We have listed out some awesome apps that will really helpful for you to admit to a high-quality college.

Let’s have a look at the best apps to prepare for SAT exam-

Best apps to prepare for SAT-

  • Khan Academy
  • SAT Flashcards: Prep & Vocabulary
  • Ready4 SAT
  • Practice for the SAT
  • SAT Prep App
  • SAT Prep: Practice Tests, Flashcards, Quizzes



1. The best app to go into Harvard university through SAT- Khan Academy

Khan Academy is one of the largest e-learning platforms for SAT exam preparation. They offer you mock tests, practice tests, video lectures, live lectures with instant doubt solving agents.  You can easily check what are the different courses they offer and what’s the fees they are taking by just downloading the app or visiting their website. Also, they help you to find out the excellent strategies that can help you stand out from the crowd. Easy and mind-blowing teaching way. Overall, there are 42 skills for math and 28 skills for Reading and Writing. You can compare your performance with your previous performance.

Google Play Rating: 4.2 star


2. SAT Flashcards: Prep & Vocabulary- 

If you are weak in English and math concepts then SAT flashcards are very aidful for you as they bring you to complete explanations in an easy way. This app is designed for every student not only for upper-level talent or lower level. You can put filters based on your preparation. There are multiple filters like easy, moderate, hard, advanced, etc.

This game helps you to learn even while you are just entertaining. A fun and addicting game-like quiz make learning those obscure vocabulary words interesting again – no matter the subject. But do not forget to do more and more practice.


3. Ready4 SAT

Ready4 SAT is one of the best apps including 1K questions at your fingertips only. This app is also coming up with flashcards and MCQs based on previous year’s papers. Users can compare their test scores to other SAT aspirants that will help you to figure out your position.

You can follow the test serieS or start to attempt whatever you learned before. Track your SAT prep progress, practice question-of-the-day problems, this app also provides you the average admitting score of many colleges.


4. Best app for getting admission in Baylor University- Practice for the SAT

If you don’t want to stay in your country so no need to be worry as SAT allows you to take admission based on your performance throughout the world. If you wanna get admitted to Baylor University then this app is really going to be very helpful for you. Daily, you will find a new question from any topic. If you already know this question then you can simply move to the archived previous year question in the app itself. Archived questions can be arranged in sorted order based on your difficulty level.

Daily Practice for the New SAT offers a question of the day, SAT practice tests, surely help you to get into Baylor University.


5. SAT Prep App

SAT Prep App includes both watching and solving. You can take a free trial before proceeding with payment.

*Practice Math, Reading, and Writing exam questions*
• Review Text and Video Explanations
• 54 questions for Trial
• 400+ questions for Premium

*Watch Math, Reading, and Writing Tutorials*
• Track your progress
• 46 video lessons for Trial
• 140+ video lessons for Premium

*Plan for your studying and quickly access top resources (available offline!)*
• Select Your Study Schedules
• Read Top Articles
• Get Tutor Help

6. Best apps for getting admission in Oxford University- SAT Prep: Practice Tests, Flashcards, Quizzes

Who doesn’t want to take admission to Oxford University? Luckily, we have opportunities and resources too. This app guides you to learn critical concepts in an easy way that you will never forget. They train you for cracking SAT with video classes and practice questions in addition to the FAQ. While you start practicing on this app automatically your complete progress will be highlighted in front of you. That will help you to become a hero from zero.


  • Video lectures in a very intuitive way of teaching.
  • 1000+ questions with solution
  • Tracking of your performance.
  • Customizable practice tests to fit your needs


So, now you have enough resources and haven’t a single excuse for running away attempting the exam. Use wisely, prepare at your own pace.


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