How to make your google profile card on Google Search?

What if I say, “I saw your profile on Google search result, it was an amazing feeling”! Sounds Good Na?

Now, it may happen that you are wondering about my words but trust me guys, it can really happen. So, if you want to know, how can you make your Google Virtual profile card or Google profile card on Google? So, all you need to do is just, stay tuned with TechGecs. We will tell you that how can you rank yourself(with your name) on the most popular search engine that is Google. Actually, having a profile on Google is not a big deal and this deal is called a Google Virtual Profile Card. Now, let’s see how you can do it so?


What is Google Virtual Card ?


Google provides you the facility to have a profile on Google like on other social media platforms. It is the same as LinkedIn Profile. These virtual cards are also known as “People Cards”. This card can be very helpful for you when a person just knows a little bit of information about you, he/she may be the search you on Google by just typing your name and location and if you are having virtual cards so, that person can reach to you.

Wrap up: Google’s new ‘people cards’ allow individuals to highlight themselves in search results like never before.


Steps to make a Google profile card.


Step 1: Go to Google Search Engine and type “add me to search” and you will find an option to create a virtual card at the top of your device screen.


Google Profile Virtual Card



Click on Get started to create your people card.


Step 2: Now, fill out the whole information when the below pop-up window opens on your device. The very first information is required to fill.



Google Profile Virtual Card



Step 3: Now, just scroll down a bit, and here are some additional details that can be added too but these are not compulsory to be filled out. What are these? See Below



Google Profile Virtual Card



In the work section, you can drop your workplace if it exists and in the education section, you can add your college or university name if you want. You can also add your Hometown, website, social profiles, email, and phone number.

It is good to add your social profile links if you are a businessman/woman or entrepreneur.

But note that you have to verify your other number which is not linked with your Google Account.

Step 4: And voila you are all set up! Don’t forget to take a preview.

Once you’re satisfied with how your card looks, just save it and it will be instantly indexed in search results.

To see what it look likes just search your name in the search bar of Google and here’s how your card will look like.

For example, below is my Virtual Google Card.



Google Profile Virtual Card



Don’t be a wonder, of course, it has done! But remember Google’s people cards will only be visible to people in India.

What if you are not located in India?


People who are located outside of India can also manage to set up their own people card through the use of a VPN.

Aleyda Solis tweeted, and shared a screenshot on Twitter of her Virtual Google card being successfully added to search results:



Google Virtual Profile Card



She did this with the use of a VPN as she mentioned it in her tweet. As per my experience, it terms of best VPN services, Express VPN is one of the best VPN to explore thing that is restricted and ban in your region.

So, ok now you have the whole information about Virtual Cards so go and create your own card.


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