Top 4 Best Apps to Learn Typescript

Here we are back with an amazing article about typescript. If you are planning to learn typescript by your mobile then you are at the very right place because we will go to cover the top 4 best apps to learn typescript. Typescript is extremely useful for those who are going to learn Angular js.



What is TypeScript and Why learn?

Typescript is a JS-based programming language developed by Microsoft. It is a superset of Javascript language. The main aim is to develop this language to cover the errors encountered in Javascript. It is used to develop many large applications.
However, Angular declared typescript its official language to start with, so the demand for typescript goes high already. Here you can write OOP code in Javascript in a very easier way. With the use of TS, you can write Javascript code with type like string, int, etc. So let’s check out the best typescript learning apps.

TypeScript Learning Apps

1. Typescript 3.8 Docs:-

Top 4 Best Apps to Learn Typescript


This is one of the best apps to learn typescript. It offers various things like tutorials, handbooks, declarations, project configuration, etc. A section of What’s new cover all the version of Typescript from 1.1 to 3.8 typescript version. The tutorial covers the basics of typescript, ASP.NET core, Gulp, React & Webpack, etc. The handbook covers the topic from basics to advanced like Basic Types, Variable Declarations, Declaration Merging, JSX, Decorators, Mixins, Triple-Slash Directives,Type Checking JavaScript Files.
There are also some premium content that you can access after watching a maximum of up to 30 seconds of video.

2. Typescript Tutorial:-

Top 4 Best Apps to Learn Typescript


This app is offered by Cosmic learn. If you are looking for some best theoretical apps to learn typescript, it is one of them. It has no many features but valuable content presents here. Initially, it offers the basics of typescript, the second part consists of Object-Oriented programming in typescript and the last one is data types in depth.

3. Typescript:-

Top 4 Best Apps to Learn Typescript


It also gives you the best idea of how to implement or write a code in typescript. It covers a basic overview, types, variables, loops to modules, ambients in typescript. Typescript lets you Javascript code without errors. This app helps you get all the theoretical knowledge that also helps you to prepare for the typescript interview question etc.

4. Typescript VIJIN G:-


I must consider this one of the best typescript learning apps. This app is helping you not only theoretical knowledge but also practical knowledge. Every topic has an example for the same with a well-efficient code. It contains typescript topics like class, constructor, interface, namespace, etc. It will be very easy to learn typescript for those who know the basics of OOPS.

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