Tesla Brings Disney Plus and Car Wash Mode in Software 2021.24 update

Tesla Brings Disney Plus and Car Wash Mode in Software 2021.24 update





Here is a great piece of news coming from the side of Tesla. Tesla adds a new streaming platform called Disney plus in-car infotainment system. That means you can watch all the content of Disney plus while sitting and riding in Tesla.

Tesla 2021.24 Update:- Disney Plus

In the Tesla 2021.24 update, they rolled out a new OTT platform in-car infotainment system. However, Telsa in its theater mode provides various OTT services like Disney-owned Hulu, Netflix, Youtube, and twitch. This update of Tesla is known as the “2021.24” update that includes various features. Still, there are various platforms missing from the Tesla-like Peacock, HBO MAX, Paramount +, etc.


Tesla 2021.24 Update:- Car Wash Mode

The 2021.24 update likewise adds another Car Wash mode to Tesla’s repertoire. Getting to this setting in the Service menu makes preparations for cleaning by shutting the entirety of the windows, locking the charging port, and impairing the programmed windshield wipers, guard mode cautions, leave entryway locks, and stopping sensor rings. Drivers who continuously programmed transport line washers can likewise choose the Free Roll choice, which movements to nonpartisan and forestalls the leaving brake from consequently captivating on the off chance that you leave the vehicle.

Tesla 2021.24 Update:- Dash Cam

Here is a new feature that adds to Tesla in the 2021.24 updates i.e. Dashcam auto-save. Dashcam auto-save that naturally stores cuts at whatever point the vehicle distinguishes a wellbeing occasion (like an impact or airbag arrangement). To fight off any seriously harmful protection concerns, Tesla has decided to make the element pick in. Clasps will likewise be put away locally and never imparted to the automaker.

Additional features are auto-diminishing for mirrors, more battery information, stay associated with WiFi in drive, alongside language support for Russian, Romanian and Hungarian. Obviously, the personal satisfaction enhancements are intended to keep Tesla proprietors fulfilled long after they’ve dished out thousands on an EV.

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