How to join a ongoing missed WhatsApp group call


How to join a ongoing missed WhatsApp group call





Whatsapp is bringing new features back to back. This is because of criticism faced by Whatsapp and users go away from there.

WhatsApp began carrying out joinable group calls to allow users to join a group video or voice calls toward its begun and was missed at first. This will help clients join a gathering call regardless of whether they at first miss a consider when their telephone rings. The update additionally carries a simple method to allow you to drop off and rejoin a group WhatsApp call — as long as the call is as yet continuous. As of not long ago, WhatsApp users were not given a local alternative to joining a group call. Nonetheless, members in a functioning call could add individuals during a voice or video approach to the stage.


Joinable calls diminish the weight of noting a gathering call as it begins and brings the immediacy and simplicity of in-person discussions to bunch approaching WhatsApp, the Facebook-possessed organization said in a blog post.


Here’s how to join a missed group call on WhatsApp

There will be an option to open a call log, now users need to join the particular missed group call if the call is ongoing. Tap the ongoing call, that leads to open call info screen and tap join.
This feature is not only provided call info but also lets users know people on the call or additionally the invited users who haven’t joined the group call.
It also offers users the ability to decide whether they want to join the WhatsApp group call or they can ignore it so the users can join the WhatsApp group call later from the call log in Whatsapp. There is flexibility to users who can cut the group call and join again if the call is ongoing.

There are only eight participants can join video calls on WhatsApp.

“Joinable calls are rolling out from today and we hope people can start to make the most of the new experience,” WhatsApp said.

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