Top 5 Best Email Marketing Automation Software in 2021

Are you using email marketing to increase your sales or leads? If yes, then you have probably overwhelmed for some time for doing the same things repetitively and spend your time much this is why we are listing the top 5 best email marketing automation software.

Email Marketing is nothing but doing marketing or sends your commercial message of the product through subscribed email list. This is one of the most effective methods in modern times to take attention. But there is some problem with email marketing i.e. time consuming for the repetitive process.


Here the best part comes i.e. Email Marketing Automation which helps to come out from the repetitive process of sending emails. Automated email marketing is basically sending the email automatically to your clients through a trigger, schedule, and action defined by you.


List of Best Automated Email Marketing Tool/Software



Finding the best email marketing automated software is not an easy thing to do when every software performs better in its terms and condition. Until, we prepared a list of the top 5 best-automated email marketing software in 2021 on the basis of reviews of users, or their uses.





1. Automated Email Marketing Software-Activate Campaign:

Best Email Marketing Automation Software



Active Campaign is more than an automated email marketing software. It is one of the best who provides your CRM tools to enhance the better experience with your customers. It can b used for Ecommerce, Digital business, and B2B companies. It has the 3 best features that make it the most useful automated email marketing software. The first one is POWERFUL MARKETING AUTOMATION which automated email marketing, contact management, help with segmentation, etc, Second feature is SMART CRM which always keeps track of your customer data in a very organized way that increases win probability, lead scoring, etc. At last, the third one is WEBSITE MESSAGING that has popular features included site messaging, engagement tracking, SMS, and segmentation, etc. They have different pricing according to your need from lite $9 /month to enterprise-level $229/month.
At last, I just want to say this is the most popular affordable email marketing tool which has built-in CRM with automated email marketing.

2. Automated Email Marketing Software- SendinBlue:

Best Email Marketing Automation Software


It offers more than you think about automated email marketing, while a fully intuitive one of the best digital marketing tools that fulfill the need of enterprises. Here is the list that you can do with Sendinblue are Email Marketing, SMS Marketing Chat, Inbox, which helps to connect customers in every possible way. Well in the view of customers relation it offers the best CRM, marketing automation, transaction email messages, segmentation i.e. increase reach to a more target-based audience. One more especially in how to make visitors into potential customers from landing forms, Facebook ads, and signups, etc. However, it is one of the best secured automated email marketing software. It offers free email automation 300 emails/day and marketing automation for 2000 contacts and $25 400 emails/month for unlimited contacts. This is one of the best affordable Email automated marketed software. I personally like this tool because of its full-fledged services in Digital Marketing.






3. Automated Email Marketing Software- Benchmark:

Best Email Marketing Automation Software


Benchmark is one of the easiest automated email marketing tools to handle. Benchmark is one of the best options for a startup or small enterprises because of its services like the ease of automation, triggering, etc. It’s probably going to be an especially decent decision for little offices and consultancies where configuration is significant both from a staff preparing point of view – and furthermore giving a decent encounter to customers. It offers 250 emails/mo on a free plan while unlimited email/mo. on $13.

4. Automated Email Marketing Software- Drip:

Best Email Marketing Automation Software


A drip is also a good option as an automated tool for email marketing. Drip coordinates profoundly with all standard eCommerce stages like Shopify, Magento, and WooCommerce – just as the more dark and uniquely crafted ones.
With worked in income examination and apparatuses to draw in clients across different channels (from social channels to SMS) Drip is undeniably situated as an amazing asset for developing eCommerce stores. At $19, unlimited email can be sent, email supports, a full library of integration available.

5. Automated Email Marketing Software- ConvertKit:

Best Email Marketing Automation Software


Convertkit is the best-automated email marketing tool for them who seek for the target-based customer. Ther have various products to increase your clients like Landing pages, email signup forms, and integrations, etc. Products to make your connection better with customers are email marketing, email designer, and automation. Products that help you to earn a penny are commerce, creator pro, and features preview. Email automation up to 1000 customers in the free plan,  $24 for 1,000 contacts, Unlimited emails More affordable when sending a lot of email to a smaller list.

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