Google I/O 2021: Googles Annual Developer Conference

Google I/O 2021: Google Annual Developer Conference

Hola to tech explorers, Google I/O 2021 i.e. Google’s annual developer’s conference officially announced by Google which will be held from May 18 to May 20, 2021, virtually due to pandemic. In this article, we will try to give all information about Google’I/O 2021, the registration process, and other details. 

If you love to know more about Google technologies, new google products then this event is just for you, Do register for the event of Google’s I/O 2021. Google annual developer conference offers workshops, hands-on learning, personalized content, Q/A session, Aske Me Anything session, and much more. 

Event Name: Google’s I/O 2021(Annual Developer Conference)

Venue: Online 

Fee: No Charge

Register: Anyone can register

What is Google’s I/O 2021?

Google’s I/O is google annual developers conference which happened every year around April-June. Google’s I/O hold its first event in 2008. The I/O stands for  “Innovation in the Open” as the slogan and also the same as in computer science “Input and Output”. Although the whole event is almost same as the Google’s Developer Day. This years’ I/O referred to as Google’s I/O.
Basically, it is a developer conference where developers from all corners of the world can share some thoughtful experiences, hands-on learning with Experts from Google, and of course, witnessing the amazing google products. 

At every Google’s I/O, Google always surprises everyone with their amazing products. This year, the same expectation is from Google. 

How to Register For Google’s I/O 2021

1. Visit the official website of Google’s I/O 2021 by click here.
2. If you have a google account then sign in with the same otherwise first create your google account and then sign in.
3. Fill in the details in fields that you have encountered like name, country, and age, etc.
4. Next slide about the profession, company name and interesting domain which you would like to know more like AI/Ml/Ads much more.
5. And one more thing, if you belong to any Google-connected community like Google Developer Groups, DSC, Women Tech Maker then tick the one,
6. And submit the form and check the mail for confirmation regitration.

FunFact: There is a game at bottom of the Google’s I/O 2021 website homepage that you can try for fun.

What to Expect From Google’s I/O 2021

As we know, that Google’s I/O is a developers conference where developer talks about technologies, experiences, but at the same time, Google showcases their product and services. As per the past experiences,, we can expect what Google can show in this I/O 2021.

1. Android 12:

Android 12 is definitely about what we can hear from Google. As already the developer preview of Android 122 is released, so the exciting features or updates can be announced in the event. Google can also declare the Android 12 release Date. Some features can be updated to android 12 like scrolling ss, calling Google assistant by holding the power button, new emojis and privacy features. So this is all about Android 12 we can expect from Google in the annual developer conference.

2. Google Assistant:

At this time, if you talk about the most successful virtual assistant then Google Assitant always grabs the first place. In this I/O 2021, Google can talk about the new use case of Assistant and new features or services offered by Google. 

3. Pixel 6:

There is a high chance that Sundar Pichai reveals some information about Pixel 6 may be a GS101 Whitechapel chip that will spot into the pixel 6 i.e maybe a foldable phone. Other updates can be addressed by Google in this I/O 2021 about Wear OS, new Chromecast, and much more. 

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