Top 4 Best Xbox One Games

Every time we talk about Xbox then there is a lot of game that comes to our mind. There are plenty of the best Xbox One games available but not sure which one comes before but with some research, we made a list of the top 4 best Xbox One Games in 2021. Although, his year 2021, is basically focused on Xbox series X and Xbox series S.

The very good thing is that we curated the best Xbox One games list that will work on next generation of Xbox like Xbox Series X and the same. There are different Xbox One Games categories like shooters, adventure games, tactic games, and role-playing games much more. What you like is depend on your taste. So let’s wander across the list of the top 4 best Xbox One Games in 2021.


Best Xbox One Games in 2021

1. Best Xbox One Games- Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Top 4 Best Xbox One Games in 2021


Call of Duty is one of the masterstrokes after the call of duty 2007’s. This is one of the best Xbox One games. Alongside the brilliant single-player mission and Special Ops, CoD: Modern Warfare all amounts to a strong fine bundle. On the off chance that there was a doubt lately that the Call of Duty establishment was starting to squeak under the strain of its yearly nature (though with a pivoting program of three engineers alternating), this game works effectively of relieving such feelings of trepidation.

2. Best Xbox One Games-  Doom Eternal

Top 4 Best Xbox One Games in 2021


The second game in the list of best Xbox games in 2021 is Doom Eternal. Not exclusively does Doom Eternal gloat all the blood-siphoning, gore-pressed fun we anticipate from a Doom game, it additionally adds a lot of new RPG-like components we didn’t realize we required.
In case you’re searching for a game that doesn’t zero in a lot on story and rather tosses you into tearing and tearing a few evil spirits (all while an adrenaline-initiating metal soundtrack plays), at that point Doom Eternal is one not to be missed. Well, while playing  Doom Eternal, one can definitely say it is one of the best Xbox One games.

3. Best Xbox One Games- Battleloads

Top 4 Best Xbox One Games in 2021


Battleload is the best video game on Xbox One platform to play. This Xbox game is based original beat ’em up game Battletoads in 1991. Mainly three characters present in this game are  Rash, Zitz, and Pimple. There are 1-3 players in the games who always take control on the battleloads also, collaborate to storm through wild and capricious stages with just one principle – expect the unexpected. Cooperation makes the fantasy work in a drop-in, drop-out ongoing interaction impact, loaded up with over-the-top interactivity minutes that anybody can appreciate, however just a True ‘Frog’ can dominate.

4. Best Xbox One Games- Apex Legends

Top 4 Best Xbox One Games in 2021


No doubt, Apex Legends is the best xbox battle royale game. If you are kind of player who love to play games like PUBG, and fortnite. Ten this game will definitly blew your mind with the tactics you need to put to win. This game is one of the best tactical team based gameplay. in 20 squads of three fight it out utilizing an assortment of unmistakable characters that each pack their own special abilties. Apex Legends is fully free xbox one game to play. So why not give this game a shot and share experience in the comment box.

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