Top 5 Job Opportunities for BSC and BA Students in India






Before going ahead I want to tell everyone, this article is not for the guys who are doing BSC and BA with 100% dedication to achieve something in their field. We are going to inform you about the top 5 job opportunities for BSC and BA students in India. I saw a lot of guys are very confused with the career option and especially with those preparing for government jobs in India.


Note- Job options are somehow different from traditional jobs for the BSc and BA students.


It is a fact that getting a government job in India is very tough because of high competition. In this scenario, students still prepare for government jobs because of govt. job has more security than others. That’s where the problem started for India. People don’t want to be skilled while they just want very relax jobs. From the given below jobs, you can earn money as much as you want.


Here are some of the best career opportunities for BA and BSC students.



BA and BSC students Jobs – Digital Marketing :

Top 5 Job Opportunities for BSC and BA Students in India in 2021




If you understand the simple fact, if anywhere the people are visiting or spending their time, that place becomes a marketplace. There is an opportunity for the marketer to marketize their product.
Digital Marketing is basically marketing over the internet including social media, websites, blogs, and much more through different strategies and tactics.

Why Digital Marketing for BA and BSC Students?

If you are a netizen or an internet user or social media wanderer then you can opt for a digital marketing career. There is no very big requirement for opting for digital marketing as a career. You need to know the use of the internet and strategies. So not a technical degree or even any bachelor’s required to get a job in the digital marketing field. BSc students can easily do this job.
Because of the internet revolution, the digital marketing industry keeps going high in India. So, stop running towards government jobs while you can earn money from here by your smartphone.

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BA and BSC students Jobs – Graphic Designers:

Top 5 Job Opportunities for BSC and BA Students in India in 2021




Graphic Designing is very important for any industry like technical, management, or more. It is required everywhere.

A graphic designer is an expert in the graphic design and graphic arts industry who integrates together images, typography, or motion graphics to create a piece of design. Even a small management function needs pamphlets, brochures, posters, and banners. So this field opens a lot of opportunities to all BA and BSc students.

Why Graphic Designing for BA and BSC Students?

The first thing you don’t need to be a technical expert. Even with your basic creativity and dedication toward the designing part will make you a good graphic designer. You just need to learn some tools like photoshops, adobe illustrator, etc.



BA and BSC students Jobs – Content Writers:

Top 5 Job Opportunities for BSC and BA Students in India in 2021




Content Writing is basically strategically writing content for the websites(mostly for digital marketing purposes). It can include composing blog entries and articles, contents for recordings and podcasts, for e-commerce sites or business websites, and for specific platforms like tweetstorms on Twitter or text posts on Reddit.

Why Content Writing for BA and BSC Students?

Frankly speaking, The content writing job is very easy to do. If you have the idea to write stories, articles then you can easily become a good content writer. No technical, bachelor’s degree required to get a job in this domain.

BA and BSC students Jobs – Transcriptionist:

Top 5 Job Opportunities for BSC and BA Students in India in 2021




A transcriptionist is an expert typist who tunes in to recorded or live sound documents and changes over into text design what they hear. They offer their administrations to clinical, lawful, and general record industry.

Why transcriptionist for BA and BSC Students?

There is no rocket science you need to learn to become a good transcriptionist. You need to have good listenable skills. BA and BSc Students can also do this job part-time.

BA and BSC students Jobs – Virtual Assistant:

Top 5 Job Opportunities for BSC and BA Students in India in 2021




A virtual assistant is a self-employed person that offers authoritative types of assistance to customers while working outside of the customer’s office. A virtual assistant normally works from a home office however can get to the vital arranging archives, for example, mutual schedules, distantly.


BSc and BA students are very confused after not getting government jobs. This makes me write this article. The above top 5 job careers for BSc and BA students will definitely be helpful for them. Even anyone can make this career in these fields.
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