Top 5 Best Android Collage Maker App

When you think about posting a pic on social media you always try to be unique and different from others. So that you will get attention means reaction or comments. So making a collage can be best for you to do something new this is why we come up with a new list of the top 5 best android collage maker app.

There are plenty of collage maker apps available for android or iOS in the market. But we listed only the top 5 best collage maker apps according to my research.


So without taking much time, let’s move to the best android collage maker apps.




1. Best Collage Maker App: PhotoGrid-

Top 5 Best Android Collage Maker App in 2021


If you are looking for an app to make a collage with very easiness then you should go for PhotoGrid, although it is one of the best for collage making. Using this app, one can do photo and video editing, make slideshows, photo and video collage, much more.
You can use emoji’s to photo collage and even music to collage. Photo grid available in both version free and premium versions. So one can switch to that by just spend some of the money.

2. Best Collage Maker App: MOLDIV-

Top 5 Best Android Collage Maker App in 2021


MOLDIV is one of the best high rated collage maker app. It comprises a lot of features that required for professional photography. You can say, it is an all-in-one app for collage makers. Whether the photo for Frame/Collage/Magazine required to make, It helps you to make most out of it.
Some of the features available for :

Beauty Camera
Pro Camera

After these features All I can say it is not the best collage maker app but also the best photography app.

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3. Best Collage Maker App: PicCollage-

Top 5 Best Android Collage Maker App in 2021


Make and Celebrate! PicCollage encourages you to make anything to praise everything. PicCollage is tied in with keeping things simple so you can have some good times making. Investigate FREE card formats, story designs, and photograph edges to assist you with celebrating.
There are some perks that PicCollage Offers to make some amazing things like given below:-

Freestyle mode

These amazing features show the versatility of the app hence shows the best collage maker app.

4. Best Collage Maker App: PicStitch-

Top 5 Best Android Collage Maker App in 2021


Another exceptionally mainstream and suggested the best app for collage maker is Pic Stitch. It accompanies numerous interesting highlights that are elusive in other applications.
The most delightful thing about Pic Stitch is that you can utilize it to resize singular pictures so they can undoubtedly fit in your Collage. It additionally permits you to change the perspective proportion.
With more than 300 distinctive design alternatives, it is a sound arrangement making an application for your android gadget.

5. Best Collage Maker App: Canva-

Top 5 Best Android Collage Maker App in 2021


Canva is the ideal app for individuals who need to make proficient-looking montages yet aren’t acceptable at visual depiction. Due to all the apparatuses and highlights it offers, it’s likewise helpful for the individuals who work with online media a ton.
Canva offers various formats from Instagram Stories to Facebook flags. That way you don’t need to straighten out your photograph measurements without fail. The work process with this application is speedy, simple, and gives reliable outcomes. I would recommend you to use this because I already used it and Canva is one of the best photography app and the best collage maker app.

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