Top 5 Best Alternatives To WhatsApp(Best For Privacy And Security)

WhatsApp is one of the best messaging apps in 180 countries with 1 billion people. And yeah, that’s very simple and easy to use but at present, WhatsApp updated its privacy policy and after that many people claims on WhatsApp to use their private information for their own purposes. So, if you want to use any other app for the alternatives of WhatsApp which has given below:

Best Alternative to WhatsApp#1- Signal:

Top 5 Best Alternatives For WhatsApp(Best For Privacy And Security)


It is one of the best alternatives to the WhatsApp messaging app, which was developed by Moxie Marlinspike in the last of the month of 2020. Signal foundation was created by WhatsApp co-founder Moxie who left WhatsApp in 2017. This software is available in all versions of iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac, Windows, or Linux. This app is free to use and we can download it from the play store. It is really simple to use, it offers voice and video calling also. It uses open-source encryption only the sender and receiver can read them. Well, you can do Signal vs Whatsapp and judge which one is the best.

Advantage of Signal:

1. Open Source Encryption

2. Available on all Platforms

3. End-to-end encryption


1. Animated Emoji is not available

2. If you lost your phone or uninstall then your all previous chat gone. Chats cannot be restored

Best Alternative to WhatsApp#2-Telegram:

Top 5 Best Alternatives For WhatsApp(Best For Privacy And Security)


This is a popular alternative to WhatsApp, daily active 200 million users are recorded on this app. The cloud-based app works across multiple platforms. Same as WhatsApp, it uses a double-tick system to see when someone received a message. In this app, we can delete a message after a certain time. This feature of the telegram makes it unique from other apps. And chats or media are always available on this app just because of the cloud-based messaging app.


1. Never lose our material: Cloud-Based

2. User-Friendly

3. Open Source


1. Encryption is not by default.

2. App is not safe for security purposes.


Best Alternative to WhatsApp#3-Threema:

Top 5 Best Alternatives For WhatsApp(Best For Privacy And Security)


It is a paid app and complete promises full privacy. For using this app we don’t need of phone number we can verify contact with a unique QR code. This app also provides end-to-end encryption for all messages, text files, voice calls, group chats, and shared files. And we can use this app also a browser like WhatsApp and we can send locations also on this app.


1. We don’t need for phone number

2. We can protect chat with a password

3. Contact can be verified with QR codes


1. Paid app

Best Alternative to WhatsApp#4-Wire:

Top 5 Best Alternatives For WhatsApp(Best For Privacy And Security)


It is also a paid app with end-to-end encryption. We can use this app at a time with 8 synced devices. In this app, we can do all things like WhatsApp sharing chats, files, media. But this app also offers, we can do text with bold, italic and create a list within chats. This app is also available for all major platforms.


1. We can use the app at a time on 8 devices.

2. Chats is secured

3. Timed messages


1. Paid app

Best Alternative to WhatsApp#5- Riot.IM:

Top 5 Best Alternatives For WhatsApp(Best For Privacy And Security)


Riot.IM work on Open-source software and end-to-end encryption for all messages. In this app every user has a unique id, this id is used instead of a phone no. Riot has conversation rooms and users can visit any public chat room. It also offers private rooms you can visit with a link. This app is available in seven languages.


1. Open-Source

2. Available in seven languages

3. User Id instead of phone numbers.


1. Encryption is not enabled by default


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