Android 12: Everything You Need to Know Release Date, Features Rumours

Android 12: Everything You Need to Know Release Date, Features Rumours

Google always comes with surprises about its products and launch. There are many speculations about the new version of Android OS of Google i.e. Android 12. Hopefully, if the thing will go well in the future, so the release of Android 12 will fix in after June this year. 

Release of Android 12

If we saw the previous track how Google rolled out their latest version of Android like Android 10 on 3 Sep 2019 and Android 11 on 8 Sep 2020. From our research, there are more chances that android 12 will preview in the Google I/O event in May. Initially, Android 12 will be available Public beta version and then release in Aug and Sep 2021. 

Android 12 Features

Features of Android 12 definitely the up-gradation of Android 11. There is not much information about the new features of android 12 but some leaks are confirmed by the sources. Let’s discuss the android 12 features one by one which is known till now.

1. Double Tap Gesture:

There were features of Double Tap Gesture codenamed COLUMBUS in Android 11 preview in which one can open google assistant by just double tap on the back of the device. But in the final release of Android 11, there is no existence of the Double Tap feature because of some security purposes. But there are more chances that these Double Tap Gesture features will come in Android 12 after adjusting all of the flaws.

2. App Pairs:

App pairs features of android 12 mostly benefit foldable phones because it allows the launching of two apps simultaneously. It’s not a new feature in  Android 12, is just modified and updated to previous 
features of android 11.

What Phones supported Android 12?

Here are the listed smartphones that will support Android 12 after releasing in 2021. Well, the list is so long if we write every mobile phone. If we talk about galaxy nd One plus then Galaxy S21 and One Plus 9 will receive Android 12. Below is the listed Google pixels phone that will get Android 12 on release.
  1. Pixel 3
  2. Pixel 3 XL
  3. Pixel 3a
  4. Pixel 3a XL
  5. Pixel 4
  6. Pixel 4 XL
  7. Pixel 4a
  8. Pixel 4a 5G
  9. Pixel 5
It is almost clear that the upcoming Google pixel 6 comes with Android 12. And the launch of Pixel 5a or Pixel 5 pro happens this year, they will automatically receive the Android 12 version. Again the pixel phones will get developer public beta option like before. Hence the developer preview usually for only Pixel smartphones.


Maybe, the things we mentioned will not present in Android 12 because Google did it previously too. But current speculation is all about this. Android 12 will definitely release in 2021. The feature of android 12 will be helpful for the end-users. Let’s wait and watch, what surprises we get from Google in the upcoming months. 

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