What Should a Project Manager Do?

What Should a Project Manager Do?

This post is going to let you know what is the work of a Project manager or what does a project manager di in a company? The role of a project manager is very immportant of all time. According to Northeastern, by 2027, companies need 87.7 million roles in the field of Project management. So the career in the domain of project management definitely very fruitful.

What Exacly is a Project Manager ?

A Project manage in a company is responisble for different tasks like the management of the project, should be capable in dealing with the six parts of a project i.e. scope, finance, schedule, risk, quality and resources. Project manager have so much to do while managing the prroject like time limits, to verify the work within the budgets.

What Do Project Managers Do?

And lot os confusion encounters while people searching about what does a project manager do in a company? Lets clear confusion of people, Project manager resposnibilities vary according to type of industry/organization in they are working. But one things always remains same acroose all indusrty in a projeect manager work i.e. “project lifecycle”. This is actually project managers do. 

Basically project lifcycle consits of 5 proces:-

#1 Initiating:- 

Project Managemr start each new task by characterizing the fundamental targets of the venture, its motivation, and its extension. They likewise recognize key interior and outside partners, examine shared desires, and gain the necessary approval important to push a venture ahead.

#2 Planning:- 

The arrangement set up during this cycle helps venture administrators regulate scope, cost, courses of events, hazard, quality issues, and correspondences. It is during this stage that venture chiefs will plot key expectations and achievements and recognize the undertakings that should be finished to finish each.

#3 Executing:-

During this process, colleagues complete the work that has been distinguished in the task plan to arrive at the objectives of the venture. The venture supervisor’s job is to dole out this work and to guarantee that undertakings are finished as planned.

#4 Monitoring and Controlling:- 

In this proceess, proect anagess take care of budgets, varity, progress of the project(milestonnes cleared by the team), compnarisions of different phases ith shcedlued ones. 

#5 Closing:-

In this final part, venture chiefs endeavor to guarantee all exercises important to accomplish the eventual outcome are finished. Lot of things comes to end like the remaining money that used to make project sshould be releasesd, ensuring the rules and regulation. 


Project Management is the one of the best career option. Accordint to repots , the need of job will be increased by 15%  from 2007. After reading the whole article, I hope you have clear picture what a project manager do. 

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