Top 5 Best Sites To Learn Programming Language in 2021

Best Sites To Learn Programming Language in 2021


As we know the whole world is going through a pandemic i.e. coronavirus. Because of this pandemic, people spend a lot of time at their houses. It is the best time to learn new skills and enhance yourself. This is why we going to cover the top 5 best sites to learn a computer programming language in 2021.



Whether you are a school student, college student, job savvy person, or home worker, you can learn any computer programming languages online for free.  Computer programming helps to get a job in different fields like AI, ML, software Engineer.
Luckily, there has never been a superior time than now for you to pick up programming on the web.
There are numerous great websites for learning how to program, and keeping in mind that they are not an immediate substitute for a college degree in this field, they at any rate permit you to get wet and find any place writing computer programs is something you can see yourself doing as a profession.

Top 5 best sites to learn computer programming Languages in 2021:

1. Best Sites To Learn Programming Language in 2021- Freecodecamp:

If any novice looking for the best website to learn a computer programming language, Freecodecamp is definitely the best choice for him/her. The very good thing about Freecodecamp is everything free and you can learn everything from the scratch. The Freecodecamp community is very big and supportive.  You also learn particular technologies over there.
2. Best Sites To Learn Programming Language in 2021- Treehouse
Treehouse is also one of the preferred websites to learn computer programming languages. It teaches you to skill with some hands-on projects so that your skills will become even better. Treehouse supports programming languages including Python, Java,  C++, Ruby, etc.
3. Best Sites To Learn Programming Language in 2021- Code4Startup

Code4Startup offers free tutorials on programming languages which makes it the best websites to learn to program language. It is the best stage to rehearse your advancement abilities. Novice developers can figure out how to write code for genuine new businesses. Code4Startup offers a lot of free courses to programming understudies. The main languages that they are focusing on Ruby, Java, etc.

4. Best Sites To Learn Programming Language in 2021- Udemy:

Udemy is the best site to learn for programming languages. Here you can find different instructors to learn any technology with programming, and on the basis of the reviews, you can easily get the best course over there. Udemy is one of favorite place to learn any technology from Web Development to Artificial Intelligence. Till Jan 2020, Udemy has more than 35 million students and 57,000 instructors teaching courses in over 65 languages.

5. Best Sites To Learn Programming Language in 2021- Coursera:

From the World’s Best University to World’s best IT companies taught here with their experts. Google, IBM, Johns Hopkins University, Stanford, and many more offer their courses at a very affordable price. Learn from the best with Coursera. Coursera is the best platform to learn to code
The best thing about Coursera that you can earn a degree in different disciplines. Here are some top-rated courses available here that you can earn to upskill yourself.
  • Google IT Automation with Python by Google.
  • The Science of Well-Being by Yale.
  • IBM Data Science by IBM.
  • Machine Learning by Stanford,
  • Google IT Support by Google.
  • Data Science by Johns Hopkins University.
  • Deep Learning by
  • Python for Everybody by the University of Michigan.


There are plenty of websites available on the internet to learn programming languages. Every website has its own pro and cons. By the way, I love Freecodecamp, Coursera, and Udemy so much because of many reasons. Tell us in the comment box which websites do you prefer to learn programming languages…

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