Atma Nirabhar Bharat App Store: India will soon launch it own app store alternative to Google and Apple app store is coming

India is looking for own app store alternative to Google and Apple app store is coming

The two operating systems are ruling around the globe in the mobile phone world. Android and iOS are the two main giants that cover the whole mobile market in every country. Due to this, India is looking for its own app store as an alternative for the google play store and apple app store.

The prime minister of India Mr. Narendra  Modi initiated a campaign to become India “Self Reliant(Atma Nirbhar Bharat)“.  The Indian app store is also a step toward its Self Reliant(Atma Nirbhar Bharat). 

The Indian government is hoping to launch its own app store alternative to Google Play Store and Apple store as per the most recent reports acquired by economic times India. The move, individuals showed, is being arranged as a major aspect of the Atmanirbhar mission to make India independent.
As per the reports, the Government Of India wants to be aimed for an alternative to the Google and Apple app store in India that will decrease the monopoly effect created by US giants and make India AtmaNirbhar.
From the source, The alternative to Google and Apple app store will be made by C-DAC( Centre for Development of Advanced Computing ). 
This step will definitely very good to make India Atmanirbhar. 
The very interesting thing need to know about this new Indian app store won’t charge 30% of gatekeeping charge like apple or Google application stores which will help Indian new companies to make more profit. Starting at now, it isn’t clear when precisely the Indian app store would be launch.

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