Top 7 HTML Tags To Improve SEO Of Website in 2020

Top 7 HTML Tags To Improve SEO Of Website in 2020

Hello digital marketer, If you are looking to drive traffic to your websites. Then seriously dude this post is just for you because in this article we are going to talk bout some top HTML tags to improve SEO in 2020.

SEO HTML Tags in 2020 are really important for your websites which will result in an SEO Optimised website. And by adding, SEO tags of HTML in your websites improve the visibility of websites.
When Google searches and crawling over your websites, it takes a look at HTML Tags which tells how your websites SEO optimized and how it will perform on the internet.

So let’s take a look on the SEO HTML Tags list:


SEO HTML Tags#1 Title Tag:


<title> SEO HTML TAG  in 2020</title>


The title tag is one of the most important tags of Html for SEO in 2020. Whenever you visit any website you see the name of the website as a title.
The title tag lets understand the google and bing searches about your websites in which order to present it.

Title tags will let make it easy for the search algorithm as well as the human to find out your websites according to the title. So putting the effort on title tag will definitely give you an extra edge over the others.

SEO HTML Tags#2 Description:


<meta name = “description” content=”This aticle is all about Top 20 HTML Tags To Improve SEO Of Website in 2020″>

HTML Meta description tag makes it possible for google and bing to get information about your website. If you want to know the work of meta description tag then take a look under any link in the google or bing searches. As you can see the keywords that I put in the description tag from my blog so this is the work of description tag. This is also one of the very important SEO HTML tags in 2020.

Tip- Use your keyword in both titles and descriptions will make a very good impact and it also helps to rank.


SEO HTML Tags#3 Charset:

<meta charset=”UTF-8″ >

The meta charset label sets the character encoding for the site page. At the end of the day, it tells the browser how the content on your website page ought to be shown.
Although, the most used charset is UTF-8 preferred by the different specialists. It also affects the SEO of a website that’s why it is a very important SEO Html tag.
Always put this meta charset tag in the head section.
Tip- Use UTF- 8 to optimize SEO for the website.
        Try to use a meta charset on every page of a website.


SEO HTML Tags#4 Keywords:

<meta name= “keywords” content=”SEO HTML Tag in 2020, SEO Html Tag list, HTML Tag for SEO” >

Meta Keywords are still helpful to search engines what the topic of the website is. They are very important SEO HTML tag in an aspect of getting find your websites related to your keyword which it should be ranked for.

SEO HTML Tags#5 Viewport:


<meta name= “viewport” content=”width= device-width, initial-scale=1.0″ >

The viewport is basically responsible for the responsiveness of the websites. Viewport plays a very important role in the SEO of any website. SEO HTML Tag viewport tells the browser how to render the websites on different screens of laptops, mobile, etc.

Google says that the “presence of this tag indicates to Google that the page is mobile-friendly.”

Tip- Use viewport on every page.

SEO HTML Tags#6 Robot:

<meta name= “robot” content=”index, nofollow” >

The meta robots label tells web indexes if and how they should slither your site pages.

Utilizing an inappropriate property in the meta robots tag can catastrophically affect your site’s essence in the query items. Your SEO endeavors depend on you understanding this tag and utilizing it successfully. This HTML tag for SEO really matters because of the values of the robot tag.
There are 4 values that give in the content:
index- means index the page
noindex- mean no to index the page
nofollow- means not to crawl or no endorsement is applied.
follow- means to crawl links on the page, and that you likewise vouch for them.


According to a report that by using more graphics in a website, traffic will increase more to that website. Let’s understand the img tag what it tells to the browser.
<img src=”photo.jpeg”>
The above tag tells the browser to show the image in the content. So how it helps in SEO confuse!!
Exactly over there ALT tag comes in to play if we mention the name of that image which tells the browser what the photo is about. 


<img src=”photo.jpeg” alt=”This image is about digital marketing”>

 Now by using alt tag tells the search engine the image is about digital marketing. So, we have a clear understanding of the alt tag as an SEO HTML tag. Without an alt tag, search engines will never know what the image is about.


Surviving on the internet is not as simple as before. So you need to use so many tactics to reach your customers. For this, you can use SEO HTML Tag to improve your visibility. Without using HTML SEO tags, your customers will never get to know that you are even existing in the internet world. There are many techniques available in the market to succeed but this one of the most to use SEO HTML tags in 2020.


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