iOS 14: How to Add Widgets on iPhone’s Screen

Apple released iOS 14 OS the day before yesterday. In iOS 14, iPhone users allow to pin their apps and customize the widgets on the home screen.







Apple has at last revealed the new iOS 14 too many iPhone devices. The most recent Operating System is accessible for download and presents a lot of new highlights which will permit clients to make a large number of visual improvements to their iPhones. One of the remarkable highlights of iOS 14 is the consideration of the new gadgets which will at last let clients add adjustable gadgets to their Home Screens. Thus, let us rapidly investigate how you can begin nailing gadgets to your iPhone’s home screen with the new iOS 14 updates.


Steps to Add Widgets on iOS 14

In this section, we are going to discuss some steps to add widgets on iOS 14.

Add widgets on iOS 14 #1: Tap and down anywhere on the iPhone home screen in iOS 14 which will let you take in jiggle mode.


Add widgets on iOS 14 #2: Now there is an icon of “+” that can be found in the upper right corner of the screen in iOS 14. After this, the iPhone lets you take to widgets the menu and display all apps that can be added to the widget screen. One must think, that you have open the apps on your iPhone device after updating it to be listed here. 


Add widgets on iOS 14 #3:   Now You need to tap on the widget which you want to add in the iOS 14 home screen.



Add widgets on iOS 14 #4: After selecting a widget, you will also be able to set a size for the widget by swiping left or right on the screen.



Add widgets on iOS 14 #5: Just click on the widget to add on your iPhone’s Home screen in iOS 14.



Add widgets on iOS 14 #6: In the last, you are able to adjust the placement of the widget in iOS 14, for doing this, just tap the widget and move around on the screen. 


How to edit Smart Stacks?

Aside from setting widgets on the home screen, the new iOS 14 update permits iPhone clients to stack widgets on the top of one another. You should simply move a gadget on the top of the other by doing drag and drop. Notwithstanding, the smart stacks just work for same-sized gadgets, implying that each gadget in a stack should be of a similar size. When you have made a keen stack, you can undoubtedly change the request by swiping them up or down the stack.

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