Apple iOS 14 User Will Miss the Important Feature| Everything You Need to Know About

Apple will not release a new anti-tracking feature in iOS 14 for now. Actually, this anti-tracking feature in iOS 14 makes it more difficult to app creator to monitor people online with digital ads. Upon even a simple assessment, the counter tracker highlight is eventually decent, if a bit much, an expansion for clients, however, it will possibly work ideally whenever utilized by canny, all around educated clients.

The choice illustrated Thursday influences iOS 14, Apple announced an anti-tracking feature at WWDC 2020 which is required to be delivered as a free software move up to about a billion iPhone clients not long from now.
 Apple proposed iOS 14 to consequently square following when it came out, however the organization presently says it will keep down the instrument until ahead of schedule one year from now.

Apple iOS 14 User Will Miss the Important Feature| Everything You Need to Know About

This iOS 14 anti-tracking feature will be delayed because It requires user permission to get data or information for their social behaviour which helps digital ads creator to sell their ads. But this iOS 14 anti-tracking feature will surely raise a question about privacy or tracking the user’s phone so the user can disallow this feature permission.

And The delayed iOS 14 antitracking feature will direct impact on the releasing time of iOS 14. However, Apple announced the iOS 14 privacy feature release will be in early 2021.

And it’s a very obvious thing, that if users have the option to allow/disallow to track them, they will choose to disallow which makes a very big problem for every app developer. Already Facebook warned to Apple for their iOS 14 privacy feature because it can impact their Facebook ad business globally and make problem in monetisation.

As we know that, apple always keep it promises about privacy because it is a fundamental right but this iOS 14 privacy feature will lead to far ahead from the belief in the fan of Apple.


Apple postponed the release of the new iOS 14 anti-tracking feature to early Jan 2021. They already criticized by app developers, giants like Facebook.

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