Android 11 Released and All You Need To Know About

Android 11 Released and All You Need To Know About

Now, Google has finally set to release a big update for the android user as upgrading the operating system i.e. Android 11. It does not bring a lot of updates but it brings fortress that will help you manage connected devices, your conversation, privacy, and much more.

Android 11 updates are coming on the devices which already comprise android 10.

How To Download and Get Android 11 In Your Mobile Phone: 

Google manufactures mobile phones pixel 2 or after this phone, Google will furnish you with a warning for downloading Android 11 over-the-air
You can on the other hand check for the update by experiencing Settings > System > System Updates. Google has additionally distributed the Android 11 OTA update records for all the viable Pixel telephones that you can sideload physically in the wake of downloading them onto your handset.
Now you have a proper idea of how to install android 11 in pixels and other phones. 

List Of Mobile Phone Which Will Experience Android 11

If we talk about google phone that includes  Google Pixel 2 XL, Pixel 4,  Pixel 3, Pixel 3 XL, Pixel 2, Pixel 4, XL, will upgraded with Android 11.
OPPO also declared that they will initially upgrade android 11 in Oppo Reno 3 and Oppo Find X2.
Xiaomi will introduce android 11 updating with the Mi 10 and Mi 10 pro. Realme brings the Android 11 Preview release for the Realme X50 Pro. Oneplus also announced that OnePlus and OnePlus 8 Pro will get upgraded with the android 11 in North America, Europe, and India through the open beta of Oxygen OS 11. Apart from the above manufacture will also bring an update of Android 11 for their mobile devices.

Features of Android 11

Basically, Android 11 updates focuses on what’s matters to the user of course managing activities over the mobile phone instead of interface-level changes.  Android 11 has not changed any core-level features that impact the app present on your devices. That is why everything will work very smooth and fine. 

Android 11- Conversations Update

Android 11 brings to your device is the committed space for all your messages and texts that are accessible in the notices area.  The new expansion makes it simpler for you to see any of the significant discussions initially. It is called Conversations(Important Feature of Android 11).
You can likewise organize messages that you would prefer not to miss. Further, a choice to quiet notices for specific discussions is accessible to remain focussed at your work and don’t get diverted by regular messages.

Android 11- Built-in Screen Recording

There are many mobile phones that have no built-in feature of screen recording that’s why Android 11 updates bring the built-in screen recording feature for you to easily record your screen without installing the other third-party apps and one can also enable recording with sound from the microphone. 

Android 11- Bubbles

Google has taken that include and made it a centerpiece of Android so any informing application can do likewise with a setting called Bubbles. Most visit applications will uphold the component, albeit some should be refreshed to do as such. 
The thought is you can keep doing whatever it was you were doing while likewise having a snappy discussion with somebody without exchanging into and out of various applications.

Android 11- Upgrading Media controls

Music controls are presently essential for the primary fast controls segment of the drawdown warning shade, sitting over the remainder of the notices. Some portion of the overhaul in Android 11 is the capacity to rapidly switch the yield for your music, so in case you’re tuning in on earphones, however, need to play a track for a companion you can essentially tap the symbol over the play/stop catch to change to the telephone speaker.

Android 11- One Time Permission

In this, android 11 updates apps ask you to get permissions for every time when you open it. This is a great feature in android 11 and will help users in terms of privacy. 

Android 11- Auto Reset Permissions

Sometimes, you are not using some apps from a very long time, auto reset permissions in android 11 will help auto-reset settings for them in just a single click and you don’t want to access the data by apps. 

Android 11- Faster updates

Google is proceeding with its push for quicker updates by making greater security and protection overhauls accessible through Google Play along these lines to applications. Along these lines, you don’t need to sit tight for your cell phone maker to push out a full device update to get a significant security fix.

Android 11- Pixel Exclusive Updates

The below features only available in Pixel phone in android 11
Live View in Pixel Phone for area partaking in Google Maps presently permits you to see where your companions are in increased reality. Just point your telephone their overall way and it’ll give you where they are with virtual pins utilizing your telephone’s camera.
Smart Reply in Pixel Phones is one of the great features in pixel phones coming with android 11 that will suggest the messages in an automatic way. 
there are some exclusive features that we are not going to cover. We already informed you about all the important features that came with the realising of android 11. 

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