Top 5 Tractor Brand in India 2021

As we know, India is an agriculture-dependent country. In this direction, today I am going to write about top-selling tractor brands in India. Agriculture is the main source of the livelihood of people in India. So, it is obvious to make agriculture perfect by using good tools. The tractor is one the best vehicle which uses to cultivate or many purposes in the field that’s why it important to know top tractor brands in 2021.

Here is the list of the top 5 tractor brands in 2021:

1- Mahindra & Mahindra:- 





Top 5 tractor Brand in India 2020
Mahindra is one of the best brands in the tractor or most selling tractor too. Mahindra & Mahindra Company was established by  K.C Mahindra and J.C Mahindra.
For farmers, it is the first tractor brand that comes to their mind during thinking to buy tractors in India. Years after year, Mahindra has risen like a top manufacturer in the tractor industry. Mahindra is Not only in India but also the largest selling tractor brand in the world. It is very popular because of its high performance, strength  and durability.
If you ever think about the best 50hp tractors in India the name would you like to be taken is Mahindra.
Some Mahindra tractor in range of 20hp to 50hp:-

Mahindra JIVO 245 DI 4WD (21 – 30 HP)

Mahindra YUVO 265 DI (31 – 40 HP)

Mahindra YUVO 475 DI (41 – 50 HP)

Mahindra 555 Power Plus (50 HP Plus)

2. Tractors and Farm Equipment Limited(TFEL):-

largest selling tractor brand
The Tractors and Farm Equipment Limited is the second biggest selling tractor brand in India. It is established in 1960 in Chennai.
The TAFE, Massey Ferguson, Eicher is the Iconic model of this organization.
That all tractors giving high pull, Durability, and it is a confided in brand in India. You can jump on that underneath interface this organization all Tractor each single model data in subtleties.
Here are the best tractor under rang of 70hp:-

30 DI Orchard Plus 2WD (30 HP)

5900 DI 2WD (56 – 60 HP)

3. Swaraj Tractors:-

second biggest selling tractor brand in India
Swaraj Tractor is most India’s Trustworth tractor brand from the last 40years. Punjab Tractors Limited established a firm at Mohali in 1972. This became the first company that manufactures tractors in India under Swaraj tractors after in 2007 the company is bought by the Mahindra group.

Trust, power, and reliability tagline says it all about the Swaraj tractor brand. Farmers of India showed much interest to buy and use their tractor for their farming.

Swaraj Tractors manufactures lot of tractors under 60 Hp:-

Swaraj 843XM (40 – 50 HP)


Swaraj 834XM (30 – 40 HP)

Swaraj 744FE (45 – 50 HP)

4. John Deere:-

second biggest selling tractor brand in India
The Deere and Company established in 1837 by a smithy John Deere in the US, is one of the most seasoned horticultural gear producers. The organization, which is headquartered at Pune, has made monstrous nearness with its wide scope of sensible, profoundly sturdy, low support, and predominant execution tractors. John Deere is also the major tractor brands that farmers interested in India and the world as well to buy. It is preferred for many reasons which make it unique like low maintenance, highly durable and has superior performance.
 The most common ranges of John Deere:

5036 C 2WD (35 HP)

5050 D 2WD (50 HP)

5310 2WD (55 HP)

5. Sonalika Tractors:-

third most selling tractor brand in India
Sonalika Tractors was established in 1995. Now it is famous for tractor’s high performance and features. The company does not only manufacture tractors but also engines, different equipment.
Currently, Somnalik Tractors is the third most selling tractor brand in India. It’s headquarters in New Delhi. some of the best Sonalika tractor rages are:-

GT 20 (20 HP)

DI 730 II HDM (31 to 34 HP category)

DI 35 (35 to 45 HP category)


After reading this blog you have sufficient knowledge about most selling tractor brands in India and the world. Now you can choose accordingly your tractor to do farming.

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