Data Analysis Projects Ideas For Beginners/Students 2020

Data Analysis Projects Ideas For Beginners/Students

Data Analysis projects are very important to work on, who are looking to make their career in the Data Science field. Before we go more about data analysis, let’s make you clear about the data analysis.

Data Analysis is the process of analyzing the data to get some insights by doing the cleaning, transforming and modelling the data. It includes a lot of techniques and method.
To become a data analyst, you need to practice more data analysis projects. Surely we will talk about the data analysis projects for students and professionals for both. By doing data analysis of the given problem we can move forward to tackle the problem easily because we know every behind the scenes thing.
Before going to talk about the data analysis project ideas for students, I will let you know the foundation and method of how to data analysis of a given data.
As for now, we have the knowledge of what exactly data analysis is and of course, we need to know Why?

Why Data Analysis?

To get any meaningful hidden data you want from your business to expand, that particular time data analysis and interpretation play a very big role to give the fruitful insights of your business and you know easily what and where you are lacking. For a data analyst, it is very important to work on many data analysis projects so that he has a proper idea about tools and tactics which is required to complete a data analysis project.

Data Analysis Tools

Data Analysis Tools and Projects
We clearly know that every work required tools to get work done easily, data analysis to make the analysis process very easy, and In just a little time you have insights of the data. I would personally recommend one for doing data analysis with python which helps analyst much with python’s libraries. One can easily manipulate the data, transform the data, clean the data, and much more with the statistics part. One can start data analysis with R, it helps you a lot with visualizing part because of R language Libraries. Data Analysis Tools are R, Python, Excel, Java, SQL, Saas, Matlab, etc.

Data Analysis Project for Beginner/Students 2020

As a beginner, you need to start from very basics and grab some topics to learn and then implement it.
Initially, you have the knowledge of anyone’s language preferred python for data analysis.


  • Data Analysis Project Using Titanic Dataset:                                                                                        

You can start your journey by data analyzing the titanic dataset which is the very first one for most of the data scientist aspirants. Or you can pick the whole titanic dataset project Github repository and try to understand each step which will definitely push you thin abut the problems and solution. And this will become the data analysis project. 



  • Sentiment Data Analysis Projects:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

  • Sentiment Data Analysis Projects



  One of the most important data analysis projects for beginners is sentiment analysis. Sentiment analysis is nothing but knowing reaction(may be positive or negative) of people on any product, movies, or others. You can do a sentiment analysis of any social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and youtube. Try to do this data analysis project in python will help you a lot and make the analyzing process easy.

Data Analysis Project Ideas For Intermediate/Students 2020

  • Uber Data Analysis Project:
Data Analysis Project Ideas For Intermediate/Students 2020
 This is a data analysis and data visualizations projectthat’s why do this data analysis project with R. This is an information representation venture with ggplot2 where we’ll utilize R and its libraries and dissect different boundaries like excursions constantly in a day and outings during months in a year. We’ll utilize the Uber Pickups in New York City dataset and make representations for various time periods of the year. This discloses to us how time influences client trips.
  • Data Analysis by Building Chatbots:
Data Analysis Projects Ideas For Beginners/Students
                                                                        Building Chatbot is a very quiet interesting data analysis project because you need to do a lot of data analysis work here in the field of NLP to get useful information to make a compatible chatbot for your preferred business.
A chatbot is a savvy program that reenacts genuine cooperation with clients by means of a visit interface. Along these lines, these bots respond to any composed or spoken questions and fathom the discussion. As they’re mindful, the more association they have, the more insightful they get.

Data Analysis Project Ideas For Professionals/Students 2020

  • Data Analysis Project Using Customer Segmentation:


                                                               Customer Segmentation is a well-known utilization of unaided learning. Utilizing grouping, organizations recognize fragments of clients to focus on the potential client base. They separate clients into bunches as per regular qualities like sexual orientation, age, premiums, and ways of managing money so they can market to each gathering adequately. In this project, you will get so much information regarding deep of the data analysis project. You can perform this data analysis project with R


If you want to do more projects and get more knowledge you can go to Kaggle pick a data set and perform data analysis according to your knowledge. There are many data analysis Bootcamp online available on different platforms like Coursera, udemy to improve your skills where you learn.
In this blog, I gave you a brief idea bout the data analysis project. If you want some other project to conclude please let us know in the comment box.

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