Impact Of ArtificiaI Intelligence in 2020

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been the most buzzword in the media nowadays and this is rightly so because it is impacting our everyday lives and we are not even realizing it.
Right from the google maps which takes you through the least traffic route to the personalized recommendation on e-commerce websites, our lives are driven greatly by artificial intelligence.
As we now enter a new decade of the 2020s, a question arises, are we standing at the dawn of Artificial Intelligence!

AI Revolution

If we look back from the past industrial revolutions to today’s digital revolution, we see that we have changed a lot in our work standard and we have changed the way of our lives so much.
There have been phases in the last couple of centuries, where a disruptive technology emerges that completely changes the way people work and live. To name a few-  Rails, electricity, factory machines, planes, telephones, computers, the internet, mobiles, etc. these all have played a very important role in shaping the world we know today.
We are currently in the digital era, where we exactly know how to get the work done faster, easier and with more certainty, the things we all do in our day to day life are simply somewhere touched by Artificial Intelligence (AI).
As Andrew NG says, AI is the new electricity, and he looks very right in his remarks. AI will become new normal and we are at the doors of an AI revolution.

AI Impact in Decade 2020

The upcoming decade of 2020 will be crucial in the evolution of business related to Artificial Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence related growth will see as a positive growth at around 2 Million more employments by the year 2025 and by the year 2025 the global market of AI will expect approx to be $60 Billion that will generate great impacts on our lives too.

Artificial Intelligence is bound to penetrate all industries, big or small, and all key decisions will be made with the help of AI. And this is very obvious because AI will be benefited by the ever-increasing Big Data and they will both compliment each other for driving the economy of the next decade
Next, healthcare will be another major sector that will embrace AI for improving diagnosis, prescription, medical research and carrying out surgeries with precision.
Perhaps, the most fascinating thing which can become true is the more widespread use of AI-driven cars without drivers. Companies like Uber and Tesla are already investing heavily in it and the dream does not look far away in the next decade.
According to thought leaders, it is presumed that in the next decade, Robots will be enough smart that they can also mimic the sophisticated conductance of human behaviors like doing the flirting, cracking jokes, and many other things. This means the next decade can very well be the stepping stone for achieving the holy grail of generalized artificial intelligence.

To summarize the key impacts of AI in the next decade –

* In the upcoming time, AI’s assistant will rise rapidly.
* AI can improve the accuracy of diagnostics.
* AI easily can automatize your business.
* AI will produce more jobs in the upcoming time.
* AI can do parallel information processes easily.
* AI can learn anything more easily and deeply.
* AI will boost revenue generation and productivity.
* AI can turn out funding into transparent projects.
* AI can easily distract the growth of fake data more easily and accurately.
* AI will improve the productivity of jobs.


In 2020 AI will certainly bring more disruption in the world as we know today. What we discussed above might only be the tip of the iceberg. Do remember, that world never knew that something known as the smartphone will exist, when we were entering the 2000s. Now people are completely dependent on the smartphone. So a world impacted fully with AI in the next decade, might be a world which we cannot imagine right now!

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