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Microsoft Surface Events 2019- Duo, Neo and Surface Earbuds

Hola to all my readers, This post is very amazing to all. It about new technologies and surprising products of Microsoft. Microsft Duo, Neo, and Surface Earbuds at Mircosoft surface events.

Everything At Microsoft Surface Events 2019

  • Microsoft held its annual hardware event on Wednesday. 
  • They launch different products like Surface Pro 7 laptop/Tablet hybrid and updates to existing products. 
  • Microsoft also launched its wireless Surface Earbuds
  • Surprisingly, They launched a double-screen smartphone called Surface Duo and also surface Neo.  

Microsft is not just famous for its OS only but also for its other products. They do annual events every year for their hardware products to launch. In 2019 events, they launched overall 3-4 new products.

Microsoft Surface Duo

Microsoft launched this never seen smartphone having two screens. Microsoft Duo is nothing but a smartphone having two screens that run android and folds down the middle with a hinge. The Surface Duo has a 5.6-inch display that can be 360-degree rotatable. Each display can run different apps. But this product will not launch until the 2020 holiday. Because Microsoft wants to give enough time to the developer to make the apps for this hardware. 

Microsoft Surface Neo

This product is almost similar to the Surface duo or vice-versa. Microsoft Surface Duo is a tablet that has two screens connected with a hinge and can be folded like a book. It can be used as both a laptop and a tablet. It has made own keyboard to work on. Same as Duo, this product will not launch until the 2020 holiday.

Microsoft Surface Wireless Earbuds

Microsoft launched this new product with so much specialty. These buds have a backup of 8 hours or even more and have the charging case that holds 34 hours of charge. Surface buds have common features playing music and taking phone calls, Beyond that, Microsoft made specialty with earbuds that they can easily integrate with its office 365 suite including the ability to swipe on the earbuds to advance to next slide on powerpoint and even transcribe your speech during what you are saying and add to the caption.  

There are many products launched Surface Pro 7 Laptop, Surface Pro X and some updates to existing Surface Pro 3 laptops.  

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