Bone Conduction Technology(Headphones)

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Can you listen to music without attaching headphones at the ear(except directly)?  Of course Yes, Using Bone Conduction Technology. Before that, we have to know how can we hear any sound?
Whenever there are sound i.e. waves which travel to the eardrum and it produces vibrations further which traveled to the cochlea and the cochlea converts vibrations into an impulse which goes through ordinary nerves to brains. And after this whole process, we can hear a sound. 

What is Bone Conduction Technology?

Bone Conduction Technology is nothing but the conduction of sound through the bone of a skull allowing the listener to perceive audio content without blocking the ear canal. Transmission of sound through bone can be used with normal hearing as with bone conduction headphones or as with treatment option of certain type of hearing impairment.  
Bone generally conveys lowe frequency sound waves better than higher frequency. 

How It Works?

The Bone Conduction Headphones works like when the device is connected to mobile, the sound conducted through bones to the cochlea and the same process started ahead. The only difference is that there is no interference with eardrums. So if one has any problem with earbuds then these headphones work very well for them. 

How to wear Bone Conduction Headphones?

With most bone conduction earphones, it goes like this: place the curved frame over your ears and behind your neck so the headphones’ ears are just in front of your outer ear. The frame that runs along the head should not be too tight and should even hang a bit lose.

Benefits Of Bone Conduction Headphones

The most important advantage is listened to the voice through the bone no through the air. Both ears do not need to be bound with the caps. Wearing this, you can easily listen to your surrounding sound also which prevents accidents during the crossing of roads. And Hearing impairment can be easily solved by this technology. From wearing these headphones, they do not cause ear inflammation. 

Side Effects 

Every technology has some pros and cons. When you exceed the prescribed limit you will pay for. In this, if the volume is high then there may be chances for damage of cochlea. Same in simple headphones, if you exceed the volume for a long time then there may be chances for damage to eardrums. 

Applications of Bone Conduction Technology

  • Google glass devices also use this for the relay of information to the user through a transducer that sits beside the user’s ear.
  • Land Rover Bar implemented this technology within their helmets for their crew to communicate with each other in a noisy environment. 

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