Digital Payment Without Internet

Today I am going to write about a very interesting topic i.e. Digital Payment Without Internet. There are so many digital payments in India like by using a Credit card or debit online. Every mode has its constraints like one of the most important is the Internet.


Is It Possible to make a digital payment without Internet?

We already know about digital payment or transaction through internet. Still, there are many regions in India without accessing the internet. Suppose there is one person who cannot access the internet then what… Is It Possible to make a digital payment without internet?  Of course Yes!!!

Digital Payment Without Internet


This problem is solved by Tone Tag. This is a Bengaluru based financial technology company is set to introduce sound-based data transfer technology.  This technology is very easy to use as easy as making a phone call.

Which technology is used by Tone Tag?

Digital Payment Without Internet
ToneTag enables to do contactless payments without the internet. There is a voice pod which you can use to make a digital payment without the internet. Tone’s Tag uses transmitting data encrypted sound waves when two devices close to each other using sound waves. This payment can be easily done by feature phones, smartphones, PoS (Point of Sale) devices, EDC (Electronic Data Capture) devices, and also by ToneTag’s retail pod, among others without using any type of hardware.  The Company uses a proprietary Software Development Kit (SDK) which encodes data into sounds. ToneTag software algorithm encodes data into sound waves, which is protected into 3-layers of encryption and tokenization. Customers can authenticate payment only by unlocking their phones.

How To Use Tone Tag?

For feature phones, Users will have to dial an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) invitation code and the audio signal from the call will initiate the payment operation. The customer will then enter the amount and the payment will be received.

For Smartphone users, They have to install an application of Tone tag’s app or simply pay the amount.
For PoS devices, the firm gives the merchant a sticker so they easily accept payments through soundwaves.
This technology is independent of Hardware. The Company owner said on the competition with other payment online services that “We are a product company and wish to work closely with existing service providers so that a large number of consumers be brought to the cashless ecosystem,”

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