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Opera Becomes New Web Browser for Chromebook

Opera Becomes New Web Browser for Chromebook

Do you know Chromebook has only a web browser till now? If yes, then you need to be updated with new information that Chromebook finally getting a web browser called Opera with many new features which previously not available on the Chromebook.

There is only one web browser available till now i.e. Google chrome, which sometimes lacks bend another laptop that has Mozilla, edge, etc. And getting into Chromebook, opera becomes the alternative web browser in the Chromebook.

Chromebook sold 30 million sets in 2020 and anticipated in excess of 40 million out of 2021 Chrome OS has become a significant working framework picked by numerous individuals for its benefit in both work and schooling. Chromebook shipments became 276% in Q1 2021, hitting a record high of 12 million units in the initial three months. Indeed, even with their developing notoriety, Chromebooks had up to this point did not have a full-highlighted program choice to Chrome that was upgraded for these particular gadgets.

As per a report by Opera, users like to have more than one browser on one particular operating system, for example, one for the business-related issue and the other for individual necessities and their extra energy. Drama is the principal elective program improved for Chromebook that gives them that decision.

What New Feature Opera Brings for Chromebook

There are various unavailable features brings on to the table by opera for the Chrome OS platform. These features are built-in- messenger, ad blocker, cookie dialog blocker, color theme, and much more.

This time opera has done a very good job to tackle with their competitor i.e. Chrome, by bringing built-in VPN that is a very great functionality otherwise users need to go somewhere to download, chat apps on the home make the job easy to chat with others.

The adblocker features block the advertisement, with a colored them users will enjoy the user interface and another feature Flow that help to store image and links(like bookmarks) and it can be got by login opera on other devices too.

So, if you are a Chrome browser and want to try new web browsers then Opera is an alternative to google chrome in Chromebook.

Want to Know more about Opera for ChromeOS click here and the user can download it from the play store itself.