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Python 3.9 Version is Released


Python 3.9 Version is Released

Hey Pythoneer or Pythonista, here is a piece of very great news coming for the python developers that the Python 3.9 version is released

Yesterday, on the 5th of October the Python 3.9 version is released. Although the last version is Python 3.8. We know how python makes easy to programming for different fields like web development, Machine learning, or many more. 

Pyython 3.9 brings new updates or features. We are here going to discuss some of them. 

Attention CS & IT guys.. Python Programming Language had its latest version as 3.8 but now it is updated and the python3.9 version is released

Major 5 Feature or Updates You need to focus in the python 3.9 version. 

1) Merging dictionaries in Python 3.9: 

Dictionary is one of the most important data structure in python. There's a new operator '|' that can be used to merge dictionaries.


>>> x = {"key1": "value1 from x", "key2": "value2 from x"}
>>> y = {"key2": "value2 from y", "key3": "value3 from y"}
>>> x | y
{'key1': 'value1 from x', 'key2': 'value2 from y', 'key3': 'value3 from y'}

2) Updating dictionaries in Python 3.9:

 Another new operator '|=' will let you update dictionaries. The methods for the update already present like dict.update before. 

3) Removing the prefix & suffix in python 3.9:

Removing the prefix & suffix of a string using 'removeprefix / removesuffix' directly.

4) Type hinting for built-in generic types in Python 3.9: 

You can now use list or dict built-in collection types as generics in the signature of a function.

5) New Parser in Python 3.9: 

Python is now using a new parser, which is much more flexible than the old one and it will pay of dividends starting with Python 3.10.

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