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Microsoft Will Pay Money For Contributing the Photos For Artificial Intelligence(AI) Development

Microsoft Will Pay Money For Contributing the Photos For AI

Yes, You heard it right. You can earn money from Microsoft by contributing your photos to Artificial Intelligence Development.  

Artificial Intelligence will be the future for sure we can say. With the help of Artificial intelligence, the productivity of any sector is growing high. 

In this direction, Today Microsoft in their blog announces about the Trove(a Microsoft Garage Project). Presently individuals can get paid for contributing acknowledged photographs to Artificial Intelligence projects in the Trove commercial center with a new PayPal combination. This application isn't accessible in India right now. As of now, photograph commitments are just accessible in the United States. Although, AI ventures accepted by  Trove from across the globe.

How To Download Microsoft Trove App to Earn Money? 

According to Microsoft, Trove is a marketplace where people can contribute their Images to AI projects that engineers would then be able to use to prepare AI models. They have tested this whole trove strategy to a thousand users, to make a place where people get rewarded for their images while helping to Trove for their Artificial Intelligence Development. Microsoft Trove team already enables the payment system for accepted images. 

This is a decent move from Microsoft, in spite of the fact that there is some Privacy about your photographs. In any case, at long last, it's up to you whether to bargain your photographs or gain cash and help A.I. 
Although many companies these types of rewarding activities to improve the systems already. 

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