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Excel templates ready to be used in Accounting

Excel templates ready to be used in Accounting

This time I bring you a compilation of templates available on the official Microsoft Excel website.
These templates are free and you only have to click on the Download button to have them available on your computer.

I have chosen the ones available for the Excel 2007 and Excel 2013 versions, the first ones are also valid for the later versions. (Although the reverse is not possible, that is, if you try to download templates of a later version than the one you have on your computer, you will see that this is not possible).

Another resource that may interest you is to create a control chart or Dashboard yourself: Create a Dashboard or control panel with Excel .

These are the templates that you will know below and you can immediately apply them in your accounting tasks after downloading them:

  • Invoice tracker
  • Purchase and Sales Invoice Book for Self-Employed and SMEs
  • Basic sales report
  • Monthly budget
  • Balance sheet

Invoice tracker

To keep track of invoices , this Excel template will be very useful for you. With this spreadsheet, you can keep track of the payment dates , the names of the clients and the pending amount.

Basic sales report

Serve to track sales by product and customer with this simple Excel template. Use tables , table filters, and a pivot table to segment numbers. It also allows customizing the pivot table to suit individual needs.
It lets compare the income monthly to expenses and Excel makes intuitive visualization of how they fit. This template will make managing your finances easier and more enjoyable. You can customize the date and currency values.
To perform the monitoring of revenues and expenditures of the company with this spreadsheet loss and gain s for twelve months for Excel. Preparation and consultation instructions are included.

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