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Google Translate's roll out real time transcription feature for android


Google Translate is finally launched its real-time transcription feature for android that is an update for artificial intelligence supported application. Google showed the demo of this feature at the End of January 2020 at San Francisco.

Google Translate allowed users to make an interpretation of speech to the text already, now the new element is better for longer sound information sources. Google Translate real-time transcription feature for android support around eight languages, for now, i.e. English, French, German, Hindi, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Thai. This feature will fully work from tomorrow in only the android user but after some time it will roll out for iOS too.
In January, Google reviewed the interpretation highlights in an event at San Francisco and said it'll turn out soon. Around then, it was restricted to prerecorded messages. In any case, the recently turning out component can translate one language to another progressively.

This will work live for talks, addresses, and other spoken-word occasions and from pre-recorded sound, as well. That implies you could hypothetically hold your telephone up to PC speakers and play an account in one language and have it converted into content in another without you contributing the words physically.

Initially, this feature will need an internet connection, so Google's software has to contacted to its  Tensor Processing Units (TPUs), a custom type of AI-focused processing chip for use in cloud servers, to perform the transcription live.

This app show user an option for transcribing after updating the application of  Google Translate
Google also informed that users can be able to stop or restart the transcription by tapping the option of the mic which present there and can change the text size and also manipulate the different theme options in the Google Translate settings menu.

To start the transcribe, users, need to press the button of transcribe button after updating the app.
Google also informed that it will not work for multiple person at a time. It works properly when a person transcribe in a quiet place.

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