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Snip & Sketch Is Hidden Screenshot Tool on Windows 10, Here’s How to Use It

Hello this is Techy Instance!! This post is all about windows 10 update Snip & Sketch Is Hidden Screenshot Tool on Windows 10, Here’s How to Use It
Windows is being a favourite Operating System of peoples for decades. There is always a need for taking a screenshot but in windows, but you have to use a third-party app such as Lightshot. But, there is another handy way to take a screenshot. The tool is known as Snip & Sketch and here’s how you use it.

How to Use Snip & Sketch in Windows 10

You can use the “Snip & Sketch” tool through the Windows Start menu or by pressing Win+Shift+S that will trigger the “Snip & Sketch” tool and the Windows snip and you would see a small toolbar at the top with everything else faded out.

The Snip toolbar includes four different options. Rectangular snip, a Free-form snip, a Fullscreen snip, and a Window Snip which automatically detects the selected window once you hover your cursor over it and save it as a screenshot.

As you can see above by Default every Screenshot you take will be copied to clipboard. You can send or use them anywhere in email or WhatsApp by "Ctrl + V" that will paste them. To save the screenshot you took you to have to open the "Snip & Sketch" App via the Start menu search or click on the app notification in the Action Center.

Within the app, you get numerous options to crop, annotate, highlight, add notes in the image. You can also share a screenshot from the app itself via mail nearby Windows devices by Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

Bonus Tip- Screenshot notification pop-up every single time you take a snip it might become irritating right? You can disable it through the “Notification & App Settings”. Open Notification & App Settings and find “Snip & Sketch” and disable it.

So that was Window's new Snip & Sketch tool. Let us know if you have queries or issues in comment Section below.

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