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US Government Shut Down

Hallo, an alle meine Freunde, This post is very interesting in the perspective of politics of the US. US Government's Shutdown was not for the first time. It affects the economic growth of the country. There were many questions raised after this government shutdown that how the world's most economic abled country faces these situations. All this started from an election statement of president Trump about making a wall on the border of the US and Mexico, and he won the election.  Let's move forward and understand the whole story of this shutdown in America. 

What is a Government Shutdown?

The federal government gets its funding from the annual budget appropriation decide by Congress, If there is a problem with getting budget from congress because of some conditions of the ruling party after that ruling party doesn't do their work then this led to a government shutdown

We know Unites States Congress is a bicameral legislature of the federal government of the US. It consists of two-chamber: The House of Representative and Senate(Just Like Parliament have 2 chambers: Lokshabha and Rajyashabha in India). 

What led to the US Government Shutdown? 

We know there are two chambers in the US. The US Senate approved an $850 billion spending bill on 23 Aug 2018 that funded the departments of labor, defense, education, and other sectors also.
President Donald Trump(Republican the ruling party) wanted to increase the fund about to $5 billion for building that wall.  Trump threatened to shut down the government if they didn't include $5 billion to build the wall. 
Democrats said that they offered $1.3 billion to continue current border-security funding and the wall would be ineffective. The negotiation was continuing until 21 Dec 2018. And the United States federal government shutdown began on Saturday,  22 December 2018 and ended on Friday,  25 January 2019.

Impact On The Economy

After the first two weeks, the shutdown affected economic growth. The CBO reports said that the shutdown reduced GDP by $11billion. When government spending resumed, all would be recovered but $3 billion.
Government workers did not pay and they spend less which directly made bad impact on economic synergy or cycle. 

How much would that wall cost?

The estimated range from $8billion to $67 billion or even more. Based on 207 Trump's budget requests $2.6 billion to design, plan and build the wall for 75 miles. One Democrat senate estimated per mile cost would be about $37 million. US Government Accountability Office warned that the wall might "cost more than projected take longer than planned or not fully perform as expected." 

Would a Wall Even Work?

Most experts have a doubt that a physical wall would do much to reduce illegal drug supplies into the country. Although it is estimated that the wall reduced immigration by 83,000. As a part of a set of tools to combat illegal immigration, however, physical barriers could help. 

How common is a shutdown in the US?

There have been 12 government shutdowns in the US since 1981 for some days and weeks also. 
The longest shutdown was of 35 days from 22 Dec 2018 to 25 Jan 2019. 
Before this shutdown, the longest shutdown occurred under the government of Bill Clinton of 21 days from Dec 1995 to Jan 1996. 

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